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Use ZoomIt to zoom in and out in any application and to draw on screen
Part two of a three-part series of blogs

ZoomIt allows you to use keystrokes to zoom in and out in any Windows program, and allows you to draw or write on screen.

  1. ZoomIt: zoom in/out and draw on screen in meetings
  2. Downloading, installing and configuring ZoomIt (this blog)
  3. Using ZoomIt to zoom, draw and show a break timer

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 April 2021

You need a minimum screen resolution of about 700 pixels width to see our blogs. This is because they contain diagrams and tables which would not be viewable easily on a mobile phone or small laptop. Please use a larger tablet, notebook or desktop computer, or change your screen resolution settings.

Downloading, installing and configuring ZoomIt

You can download ZoomIt from this Microsoft site:

Download ZoomIt

Are Microsoft intending to endorse ZoomIt by including a download link on their website?

Choose which version you want to install:

The ZoomIt versions

Most people will want to install the 64-bit Intel version (ZoomIt64). If you have an AMD chip, you'll want to run ZoomiIt64a, however.


I then got this message, which I confess I ignored:

Microsoft Defender

When you install any third-party app you take a risk, particularly one which is as closely linked to the operating system as ZoomIt. I've done some due diligence and will take my chances.

The fact that the author of ZoomIt (Mark Russinovich) is now Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Azure also gives me reassurance!

ZoomIt is installed - silently - so that the first thing you see is the ZoomIt options dialog box (see below for ideas on how to use this).

Configuring ZoomIt

You can access ZoomIt from your system tray:

ZoomIt on system tray

I had to click on the little arrow to bring up a list of all of the programs accessible from my system tray.

To change your options, select this:

ZoomIt Options

Choose Options to change how ZoomIt behaves.

I made the following changes:

Changing default configuration

See below for the numbered changes I made.


The steps above were:

  1. I use Ctrl + 1 for something else (and you may well use it to format cells in Excel), so I've assigned Alt + Z to invoke ZoomIt instead.
  2. The default initial zoom setting of 2x is a bit too much for me.
  3. I like ZoomIt, so I've set it start when my laptop boots (but I like the fact that this wasn't the default option).

Feel free to explore the other tabs of this dialog box for other configuration options (although I've found the ones above suffice for me).

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