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A computer in a fish tank? Meet the Sea Drive
What happens when you want an aquarium AND a laptop, but are short of space? Sadly, the answer is that you get a computer in a fish tank.

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 April 2021

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A computer in a fish tank? Meet the Sea Drive

I've recently blogged about tiny computers and (at the other end of the scale) laptops which fold out to reveal 7 screens, but neither of those can hold a candle to the sea-drive computer:

Sea drive computer

The C drive? Get it?

Incredibly, this isn't the only aquarium computer in existence!

Sea drive 2

This may actually be the same computer, although the first one is built by CWE Cases and this one is built by someone called Arkratos.

Forgive the lack of the usual in-depth research; I just find it hard to care about people who want to have fish swimming round their computer's insides!

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