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A fully-functioning modular laptop with plug-in ports and components
Is this the next thing in laptops? Meet a laptop which you can break down into its component parts, each of which you can easily replace.

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 April 2021

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A fully-functioning laptop with plug-in ports and components

Is this the future?  It's certainly a brilliant idea.  From this summer in the US (and presumably a bit later in the UK) you'll be able to buy a laptop whose parts you can swap in and out:

Swapping USB ports

Swapping a port on a Framework laptop.

Here's a selection of the ports you can choose from:

Different ports

From left to right, a USB, HDMI and Micro-SD port.

Every component comes with a QR code so that you can look up its details, and is fully replaceable:

QR code

Apart from the motherboard itself you can easily swap any component.

The first Framework laptop will have an 11th generation Intel processor, 13.5" screen, weigh less than 1.3 kg and be upgradable to up to an impressive 64gb of memory and a 4 terabyte SSD hard disk, so this is a proper computer:

The Framework laptop

This looks as good as any other similar laptop on the market, and can run Linux, Windows Home or Professional edition.

My favourite feature of the Framework is that it comes complete with its own screwdriver!


One of the essential components when you buy a Framework laptop.


Framework was founded by Nirav Patel, who was previously the head of hardware at Oculus VR, so the company has good pedigree.  We wish it every success! 

You can see more details of the Framework laptop at their website, or read an interview with Nirav Patel on the thinking behind the project here.

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