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From one extreme to the other - a mini-PC anyone?
Last month I blogged on a folding laptop with 7 screens; this week it's a five-inch fully-formed mini-computer.

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 March 2021

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From one extreme to the other - a mini-PC anyone?

Last night I blogged about a prototype folding computer with 7 screens:

Expanscape laptop

The newest thing in folding laptops from Expanscape.

Specialist vendor Minisforum have now released details of the new Minisforum U850 computer:

The Minisforum U850 mini-PC

The Minisforum U850 mini-PC.

With a 512 gb SSD drive, 16 gb of RAM, Windows 10 Professional pre-installed and 6 USB, 2 Ethernet and 4 other ports, this is a proper computer, even if you will need to get a screen and keyboard to go with it.

If you're wondering just how small this little bundle of joy is, it's about the size of an IPhone:

Height comparison

A picture showing the approximate size of the U850.

Or as the Minisforum website shows, it's considerably smaller than a pretentious paperback:

Size of mini pc

Now all you need is a mini-screen to go with it!

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