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The view from the other end for an online training course
You know what an online course looks like as a delegate, but what happens at the Wise Owl end? We thought we'd shed some light on what goes on from a trainer's point of view.

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 February 2021

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The view from the other end for an online training course

You've probably got a pretty good idea what an online training course with Wise Owl is like from a delegate's point of view, but what do our trainers see?  We thought we'd shed some light on what happens at our end of the line!

Typical online course

A typical online training course in progress, with 4 (out of the usual maximum of 5) delegates.

Let's break that down into the 3 main screens:

The left-hand screen is showing - live - what each of the delegates is doing:

Delegate screens

As a trainer you occasionally glance at these screens (in a non-creepy way!) to check people are keeping up; you're normally far too busy concentrating on what you're teaching to do any more than this!


The great thing is that if somebody asks you a question you can maximise their screen to see exactly what they're doing.

The middle screen above is showing the faces of people on the course:

People on course

Some people choose not to share their video feed, but it's always nice when you can see what people look like (and as a trainer, see how they're reacting to what you're teaching).


Finally, the trainer has one screen which they share with the class:

Trainer screen

This trainer is showing how to create gauges in Power BI (we also use this screen sometimes to show an electronic whiteboard).


As the above shows, an online training course is every bit as interactive as a classroom course.  In one way it's actually better (we can immediately see if someone is having a problem), although we miss the communal lunches!

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