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Was Roger Hargreaves predicting the future of the US with his Mr Men series?
There's an uncanny correlation between the Mr Men series and the list of American presidents. Donald Trump comes in as Mr Rude, Barack Obama as Mr Cool … see how many correlations you can find!

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 November 2020

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Are Mr Men and US Presidents correlated?

So here are the Mr Men:

Mr Men

A list of the Mr Men in chronological order.

Here, by contrast, are the last few US Presidents (again, in chronological order):

US Presidents

The last few Presidents ...

Is there a correlation?  One was first suggested by a journalist called Brydon Coverdale. Here are some recent pairs:

Number Mr Man US President 
44  Mr. Cool Barack Obama
45 Mr. Rude Donald Trump
46 Mr. Good Joe Biden
47 Mr. Nobody A female president, perhaps?

Here's the full list, for anyone who wants to find their own comparisons:

Position Mr. Man President
1 Mr. Tickle  George Washington
2 Mr. Greedy  John Adams
3 Mr. Happy  Thomas Jefferson
Mr. Nosey  James Madison
5 Mr. Sneeze  James Monroe
6 Mr. Bump  John Quincy Adams
7 Mr. Snow  Andrew Jackson
8 Mr. Messy  Martin Van Buren
9 Mr. Topsy-Turvy  William Henry Harrison
10 Mr. Silly  John Tyler
11 Mr. Uppity  James K. Polk
12  Mr. Small  Zachary Taylor
13 Mr. Daydream  Millard Fillmore
14 Mr. Forgetful  Franklin Pierce
15 Mr. Jelly  James Buchanan
16 Mr. Noisy  Abraham Lincoln
17 Mr. Lazy  Andrew Johnson
18 Mr. Funny  Ulysses S. Grant
19 Mr. Mean  Rutherford Birchard Hayes
20 Mr. Chatterbox  James A. Garfield
21 Mr. Fussy  Chester A. Arthur
22 Mr. Bounce  Grover Cleveland
23 Mr. Muddle  Benjamin Harrison
24 Mr. Dizzy  Grover Cleveland
25 Mr. Impossible  William McKinley
26 Mr. Strong  Theodore Roosevelt
27 Mr. Grumpy  William H. Taft
28 Mr. Clumsy  Woodrow Wilson
29 Mr. Quiet  Warren G. Harding
30 Mr. Rush  Calvin Coolidge
31 Mr. Tall  Herbert Hoover
32 Mr. Worry  Franklin D. Roosevelt
33 Mr. Nonsense  Harry S. Truman
34 Mr. Wrong  Dwight D. Eisenhower
35 Mr. Skinny  John F. Kennedy
36 Mr. Mischief  Lyndon B. Johnson
37 Mr. Clever  Richard M. Nixon
38 Mr. Busy  Gerald R. Ford
39 Mr. Slow  Jimmy Carter
40 Mr. Brave  Ronald Reagan
41 Mr. Grumble  George Bush
42 Mr. Perfect  Bill Clinton
43 Mr. Cheerful  George W. Bush
44 Mr. Cool  Barack Obama
45 Mr. Rude  Donald J. Trump
46 Mr. Good  Joe Biden
47 Mr. Nobody  ?

Obviously the extent to which you think there's a correlation is dependent on your political standpoint!

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