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This blog shows you how to connect to Remote Desktop if you're using a Mac
Most people attending our online training courses use Windows computers, but the odd Mac user slips through! This blog explains how you can connect to Remote Desktop on a Mac, and so still enjoy your Wise Owl online training.

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 30 October 2020

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Connecting to Remote Desktop via Mac

To attend a Wise Owl course you will need to connect to our Remote Desktops.

Remote Desktop

The latest software versions, files available directly on your desktop and the fact that we can answer your questions immediately are just some of the benefits!

Thankfully there is a really easy to use (and free!) app for Remote Desktop on the Mac.  First launch the Appstore on your Mac and search for Remote desktop app (or launch this if it's already installed):

Remote desktop app

The minimum OS for this is 10.13 (High Sierra).  I upgraded my 9 year old Mac to use it!

There are several different apps available on the store (and even more on the web).  Based on the reviews and my experience I went with Microsoft Remote Desktop:

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Older versions off this App aren't compatible (or at least the one from 2015 isn't!).

Once this app is downloaded on your Mac, swap to Applications and locate your newly downloaded connector:

Connectors for remote desktop

Look at those modified dates - yikes!

Click on the + icon and choose PC:

Adding computers

Add as many PCs and Workspaces as you like each with their own names and icons.

From here we can paste in the details that your Wise Owl trainer will have sent via email (note that these may differ between your system check and the course itself) :

Remote Desktop details

The PC name will be as below.

The PC name will be in this format:

PC name

The final 5 numbers will be different for each person and course.


Swap the User Account from Ask me every time to adding a new account then copy the details from your joining emai:

User name

Type in the user name and password you've been asked to use.

While you can leave the User Account to ask you each time, remote desktops occasionally drop connections. With the details saved the Remote Desktop will get you back to your training course quickly if a connection drops. 

Saving a connection

Here the connection has been saved with the friendly name WiseOwlTrainee.

Click Save; set up should now be complete.  You can now double click your new computer to connect!

Connected computer

To update whilst hovering over the computer click the pencil in the top right hand corner.

When connecting you will see the following message pop up. We have the computer you are connecting to in a cyber jail, just in case someone nefarious tries connecting:

Certificate security

Feel free to read the certificate.  We promise it doesn't allow us to steal your house!

All things being equal you should now find yourself connected and greeted by a smiling owl:

Remote desktop appearing

Course files can be copied: just highlight the file then press Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V on your own desktop.

The connection will now appear with a preview of the computer as you left it:

Visible connection

Will any other computer you connect to have such a nice image?

Remember to update your connection on the day of the course - ask your trainer if you need a hand!

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