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Including deleted emails in your Outlook searches
Did you know that Outlook doesn't include your Deleted Items folder by default when you search? This owl didn't until today!

Posted by Andy Brown on 03 July 2020

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Including deleted emails in your Outlook searches

The new Outlook 365 search box is much better:

Outlook search box

You can choose what to search for, or click on the arrow on the right to expand your search.

Expanding your search allows you to search in any field:

Advanced search

You can choose to search by the sender, the subject, the body of the email or any other Outlook field.

But ... there's no option to search through your deleted items!  I only realised today that this wasn't the default.

I don't know about you, but the only time I ever want to search for an email is when I suspect I've deleted it.  I was wondering why my searches weren't working well!

To get round this in any recent version of Outlook, select Options:

File / Options

Select this option from the File menu.


Now select to include the Deleted items folder in your searches by default:

Search deleted items

I've also changed the default above this to search my whole current mailbox by default, rather than just the current folder I have selected.



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