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This short blog gives a quick Windows short-cut key to insert emojis into text
If you want to spice up your emails or reports, use this Windows shortcut to insert emojis.

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 June 2019

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A quick way to use emojis in emails or documents

So you've written an email, and want to sign it off with an emoji:

Writing email

This just needs a good signature - a smiley face perhaps?


On your keyboard, you will almost certainly have a Windows key:

Windows key

The Windows key is usually at the bottom left-hand corner of the keyboard.


Hold down the Windows key and press the full stop . character to choose an emoji to add:

Choosing an emoji

You can now choose which face most suits the email!

If you liked that, try some of these other Windows key characters:

Key What it does
D Goes to your Desktop
E Opens Windows Explorer
I Opens Windows Settings
L Locks your computer
M Minimises all windows
P Allows you to redirect output to a projector
R Opens the Run dialog box

For a full list of Windows key shortcuts, see the Microsoft site.

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