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A quick way to copy the path and name of a file in Windows Explorer
This short blog highlights a quick way to copy the full path (including the file name) of a file in Windows Explorer.

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 June 2019

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Copying the full path of a file, including the name

Sometimes it's the little things ... !

When I want to copy the path of a file, I always use the Windows Explorer address bar:

Address bar

Click in the address bar to select the file path.

At this point I should probably confess that I've no idea if it's called the "address bar", but I've got to call it something!

But did you know (Shaun and I didn't) that you can copy the path AND the name:

Copy path icon

Click on the file to select it, then click on the Copy path tool to copy its file path.

Here's what this gives you:


Like I say ... little things!

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