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A new acronym for the order of SQL keywords
Someone has finally won our competition to think of a better acronym for the order of keywords in SQL, we're pleased to announce.

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 March 2019

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A new acronym for the order of SQL keywords

For some years now, the Wise Owl SQL manual has invited people to submit a better mnemonic for the order of SQL keywords:

Order of keywords

Note - you have to have attended one of our Introduction to SQL courses to enter!

I'm pleased to say that we finally have a winner!  Step forward Richard Teulon, with this noble entry:

Super Fast Wi-fi Gets Hot.  Ouch!

An Amazon voucher should be with Richard shortly!   

Notwithstanding this, I'll still teach the course with the Sweaty Feet mnemonic, possibly because it's so ingrained in my mind.

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