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How to post comments onto the Wise Owl website
If you want to initiate (or take part in) a discussion on our website, you'll first need to create a post - and to do that, you'll need to register on our site. This blog explains how to do both these things!

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 September 2016

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How to post a comment on the Wise Owl website

Our website lets you add posts.  Here's a case study showing how to do this!

Let's suppose that you've read my oh-so-sad post recounting the history of my addiction to 2048, and you want to add your 2p worth.  The first thing to do is to choose to add a post:

Add a post

Click on the link to add a new post to the page you're on.

Unfortunately, you're not logged on:

Sign in button

The SIGN IN button would show your user name if you were logged on, so ... time to register an account (it takes a few seconds!).

You try to log on, but apparently you haven't registered before:

Register for site

Your attempt to log on has failed, so you realise you have to register as a new user and click on the link circled.


You can now type in your email address, and a password:

Email address and password

The only restrictions are that the user name must be unique (so tough if someone got there first), and the password must have at least 7 characters.

You should now see this message:

Confirmation message

Time to check your email!

Within a few seconds, you should receive an email like this:

Email with link

Click on the link to confirm your registration.

After clicking on the link as requested, you should see this:

Email confirmed

Yeah - you can now create that post!

You can now go to the same webpage as before, but this time when you choose to add a post you'll be able to type in your squeaky clean new email address and password to see this:

Logged in name

After logging in, you'll see your user name instead of the SIGN IN button at the top right of each page of our site (you can click on this to log out at any time).

You can now create your post, using the dropdown shown to choose from one of 3 styles, according to whether you're typing normal text, quoting someone else or writing lines of programming code:

Example of a post

Creating a post!

We'll then get back to you when we've moderated your post, which we try to do within an hour or so, letting you know whether it's live or not.

You could then create a post on this page, in some weird recursive way ...

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