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A comparison of SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 October 2019

Power BI improves with each monthly update. Will it reach a point where SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) becomes redundant? This detailed blog compares the two products, and considers the future of SSRS.

Tags:   SSRS | General    |    Power BI | General

Resolving a problem with SSRS and a Windows 10 update

Posted by David Wakefield on 18 June 2018

After installing Windows 10 our laptops started returning a 503 error in Web Portal - this blog shows how to resolve this.

Tags:   SSRS | General

Which should you learn: Report Builder or Reporting Services?

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 February 2018

Report Builder and SQL Server Reporting Services are almost identical - which makes the small but important differences even harder to explain.

Tags:   SSRS | Report Builder    |    SSRS | General

Prevent Reporting Services from caching data

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 October 2012

By default SSRS will create files with extension to cache data. This blog gives two and a half ways to ensure you're always seeing the latest data in a report.

Tags:   SSRS | General

SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 versus 2008 R2

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 May 2012

SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 (SSRS 2012) has been completely rewritten (it's now called SQL Server Data Tools), and yet looks strangely familiar. This blog explains the new features introduced.

Tags:   SSRS | General    |    SQL Server versions | SQL Server 2012
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