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A table-valued function in SQL to split a comma-delimited list

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 June 2019

If you're creating Reporting Services reports using multivalue parameters and stored procedures, you'll find this function to split a list of values into a single-table column useful.

Tags:   SSRS | Parameters    |    SQL | Functions

Mapping stored procedure parameters to SSRS parameters

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 May 2019

This blog explains why you might want to use the PARAMETERS tab in the Dataset Properties dialog box in SSRS.

Tags:   SSRS | Parameters

Changing the appearance of parameters in SSRS

Posted by Andy Brown on 06 August 2012

This blog shows you how to use CSS style sheets to change the default appearance of the Reporting Services parameter strip.

Tags:   SSRS | Parameters    |    HTML and CSS | CSS

Using a Parameter to set the Data Source for a Report

Posted by Andy Brown on 06 August 2012

A single report in Reporting Services can serve many masters. This blog shows how to allow a user to choose which data a report should display, using a dropdown parameter.

Tags:   SSRS | Linking to data    |    SSRS | Parameters

Reporting Services date parameter formats

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 February 2012

How do you get dates to look sensibly formatted in SSRS parameters? This blog considers the issues, and appeals for help!

Tags:   SSRS | Parameters

Multivalue parameters in Reporting Services

Posted by Andy Brown on 07 November 2011

This blog shows how to create multivalue parameters based on dropdowns, whether in SQL Server Reporting Services or Report Builder 3.0.

Tags:   SSRS | Parameters    |    SSRS | Report Builder
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