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The ridiculously wide Samsung CRG9 49" monitor

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 June 2021

How wide is too wide when it comes to a computer monitor? Perhaps the answer depends on the size of your desk, but you'll need plenty of space for this monster.

A computer in a fish tank? Meet the Sea Drive

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 April 2021

What happens when you want an aquarium AND a laptop, but are short of space? Sadly, the answer is that you get a computer in a fish tank.

A fully-functioning modular laptop with plug-in ports and components

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 April 2021

Is this the next thing in laptops? Meet a laptop which you can break down into its component parts, each of which you can easily replace.

From one extreme to the other - a mini-PC anyone?

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 March 2021

Last month I blogged on a folding laptop with 7 screens; this week it's a five-inch fully-formed mini-computer.

Who needs extra screens, when you can have 7 in one laptop?

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 March 2021

Not sure what to buy your loved ones for their birthday? How about a laptop which weighs 12 kilos and includes 7 screens?

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