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How to build an Excel word search without even using VBA

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 February 2021

Details of an impressive new Excel word search system which allows you to recreate a randomised grid every time you recalculate your formulae!

Tags:   Excel | Formulae

Creating and using Lambda Functions in Excel

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 December 2020

You can now create and use anonymous functions in Excel (usually called "Lambda functions"). Learn how to add to the stock of Excel functions without having to learn any programming code!

Tags:   Excel | Formulae

You can use the new LET function in Excel to store interim formulae calculations

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 October 2020

The new Excel LET function lets you create variables to store the results of calculations, making formulae easier to read and quicker to calculate.

Tags:   Excel | Formulae

Why the Excel range name conflict dialog box appears, and how to avoid looping

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 June 2019

When you're copying worksheets containing range names, Excel can detect conflicts and take you into a seemingly endless loop of Yes/No dialog boxes. This blog explains why this happens, and how to get out of the loop!

Tags:   Excel | Formulae

The new functions in Excel 2016, including IFS, SWITCH and TEXTJOIN

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 February 2017

Excel 2016 has a few interesting new functions! TEXTJOIN allows you to concatenate all the cells in a range, and IFS and SWITCH provide other ways to make choices.

Tags:   Excel | Formulae

How to refer to range names with worksheet and workbook scope

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 November 2013

Range names can have either worksheet or workbook scope - this blog shows how to make sure that you're referring to the right range names!

Tags:   Excel | Formulae

10 Excel Quick Tips

Posted by Andrew Gould on 02 December 2011

Some tasks in Excel always seem to take longer than they should - if only you knew a bunch of quick shortcuts to speed up the simple things. Read on to see how much time you could save!

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Using Range Names in Excel

Posted by Andrew Gould on 22 August 2011

Did you know that you don't have to use cell references in calculations in Microsoft Excel? You can use range names to create sensible, plain English names to refer to your cells and use those in your formulae instead. Read this blog to find out how.

Tags:   Excel | Formulae
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