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Fourteen new functions coming to Excel

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 April 2022

Get a preview of the 3 text functions and 11 array functions coming to your version of Excel very soon!

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Why the XLOOKUP function should kill off VLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 September 2020

The XLOOKUP function has at least 7 advantages over an equivalent VLOOKUP function, as this blog shows. Convert to XLOOKUP now, and then convert your colleagues!

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A short-cut key to bring up the arguments of user-defined functions

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 June 2019

When you discover a new short-cut key, should you share it? This blog shows a way to bring up Intellisense for the arguments to user-defined functions in Excel VBA.

A blog showing how to use the SUMPRODUCT function

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 November 2013

The SUMPRODUCT function is one of the hardest ones to understand in Excel, but it's also pretty useful. This blog gives clear examples of how to use SUMPRODUCT for conditional sums, weighted averages and the like.

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Rounding numbers in Excel

Posted by Michael Allsop on 23 October 2012

Up, down, ceiling, floor or multiples… and you thought rounding numbers was simple!

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10 Excel Quick Tips

Posted by Andrew Gould on 02 December 2011

Some tasks in Excel always seem to take longer than they should - if only you knew a bunch of quick shortcuts to speed up the simple things. Read on to see how much time you could save!

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Using the VLOOKUP Function in Excel to Calculate Exam Grades

Posted by Andrew Gould on 22 August 2011

The VLOOKUP function in Excel is perfect for categorising a continuous range of numbers. This topical example shows you how to calculate an exam grade based on a numerical score.

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