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FAQ - questions (and answers) about how our online training works

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 19 June 2020

This blog answers some of the frequently asked questions about how our online training works (such as what software and hardware you'll need, and what freebies are included!).

How to configure your webcam, microphone, speakers and much more!

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 19 June 2020

Not sure what you need for our online courses? Here's our definitive guide to setting up your computer sofware and hardware to ensure that everything works smoothly.

Finding beauty in (and explaining) cryptic crossword clues

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 May 2020

Cryptic crossword clues can be ingenious and witty, as this blog tries to explain. The blog tries to convey this owl's passion for the genre, but also to give a mini-tutorial on how cryptic crosswords clues are constructed.

Find 44 related items in a word search and reveal the hidden quotation

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 May 2020

For our competition this month, find 44 items in a collection in our word search grid, and send in the quotation spelt out by the unused letters.

The winner of our April 2020 newsletter competition (and the answer)

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 May 2020

Our April 2020 word search competition was won by Pam Politis - if you came unstuck, this blog reveals the answer!

More snapshots of life during lockdown - working from home

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 May 2020

Following last month's reveal of what Wise Owl nests look like during lockdown, here are three more snapshots of home life from clients and suppliers.

What's new in the May 2020 Power BI update

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 May 2020

The May 2020 update is a good one! The decomposition tree is a seriously good new visual, drop shadows are a nice idea well-implemented, and there are lots of improvements to the way buttons look and work.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

Our take on the April update to Power BI (announced on May 6th!)

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 May 2020

It was announced 6 days after the end of the month, but the April 2020 update to Power BI was worth waiting for - if only for the fact that you can now select visuals by clicking and dragging with the mouse. See our take on the new features in this update in the latest in our series of monthly update blogs.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

You can now see your booking history on our website

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 April 2020

Clients can now sign on to our website to see a full record of everything they've booked. Wondering if Anna in Accounts has been on an Excel course? Log on to find out!

You can now book and pay for places online!

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 April 2020

We've finally got an online booking and payment system to match the quality of our training, as this blog explains.

Wise Owl now do (excellent) online training courses!

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 April 2020

We've been meaning to deliver live online courses to complement our classroom training for years, and we've finally bitten the bullet! So now you can sit on one of our courses in your dressing gown at home, in your office or wherever you may find yourself in the world.

Last month we asked you to draw a picture - see the answer and winner here!

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 April 2020

Last month's puzzle was won by Paul Silvester of North-East Lincolnshire Council, one of 5 people who correctly drew the picture of a downhill skier.

This month's puzzle - a word search to pass the time away in lockdown!

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 April 2020

For this month's competition, we're asking you to complete a word search and let us know where the quotation spelt out by the unused letters comes from. As always, a 50 pound Amazon voucher will go to the first correct entry drawn out of the Wise Owl electronic sorting hat.

Add the ComicGen custom visual to your Power BI reports to spice them up!

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 April 2020

The ComicGen custom visual allows you to show one of two characters (Dee or Dey) in a variety of poses, and with a range of emotions. Excitingly, the poses and emotions can depend on your data, making these the most human of KPIs. Find out more in this blog!

Tags:   Power BI | Visualisations

The mighty MapBox visual for Power BI

Posted by Marie Woltman on 27 April 2020

Marie Woltman is a Power BI guru whose maps we often reference on our courses. In this blog she explains why MapBox is her preferred mapping tool, and shows how to use it to create custom styles and layers.

Tags:   Power BI | Maps

The Wise Owls have new home offices (with some better than others ...)

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 07 April 2020

The Coronavirus crisis has made the Wise Owls flee to their home nests - but as this blog shows, some nests are better prepared than others.

The March 2020 update to Power BI desktop is a full one, as this blog shows!

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 March 2020

New goodies in this month's update include the roll-out (sort of) of the new ribbon, new actions for buttons, multi-column sorting and a second axis for line charts.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

This parody of mistakes you can make building a website is surprisingly funny!

Posted by Andy Brown on 13 March 2020

A website which includes help messages which don't, a password with ridiculous rules, an unhelpful timer, annoying default options for almost everything - thoroughly recommended!

The answers to our exercises are now published online (for personal use only)

Posted by Andy Brown on 13 March 2020

We receive a fair few requests asking us to publish the answers to our exercises. We have now decided to do this, on the understanding that they are for your personal use only.

Talking to Excel to fill in your input forms, using speech recognition and VBA

Posted by Andy Brown on 13 March 2020

What happens when you combine the magic of speech recognition with the power of VBA? A user form which you can fill in without a keyboard!

Tags:   VBA macros | General
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