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How to create dynamic connection strings in Integration Services packages

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 January 2016

It's often useful to make connections point to different Excel workbooks or SQL Server databases, depending on the value you set for variables or parameters. This blog shows the underlying principle - it's up to you then to apply this in your workplace!

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow    |    SSIS | General SSIS

How to run SSIS packages in 32-bit mode to avoid Excel and Access errors

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 January 2016

If you're using SSIS to import from or export to Excel workbooks or Access tables - as you surely will be - you'll need to run your packages in 32-bit mode. This blog explains why and how to do this.

Tags:   SSIS | Deployment    |    SSIS | General SSIS

Using the RELATED function to link tables, and how to test for blanks in DAX

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 January 2016

You can make pivot tables much easier to use by combining all of the aggregator columns into a single table, using the RELATED function. This blog also shows you how to work with blanks, including using the ISBLANK function to test whether matching values exist in linked tables.

Learn how to create calculated columns in a tabular model using DAX

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 January 2016

Creating calculated columns in tabular models is deceptively similar to creating formulae in Excel. Deceptively, because the underlying language (DAX) is completely different, and you can make use of functions like SWITCH which have no Excel equivalent. This blog shows what calculated columns are, and how to create them.

A tutorial showing how to import data from Excel, Access and many other sources

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 January 2016

You can import data into tabular models from virtually any data source, as shown by this tutorial.

Referring to a range using square brackets

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 December 2015

This short blog shows that there is a third way to refer to a range, other than using the RANGE or CELLS keywords.

Tags:   Writing VBA | Other    |    VBA macros | Working with ranges

This blog explains the lesser known but better Excel VBA InputBox function

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 December 2015

There are two ways you can display an input box using Excel macros: the standard VBA InputBox function, or the much better (but lesser known, at least by this blog's author) Application.InputBox function.

Tags:   Writing VBA | Other    |    VBA macros | Input/message boxes

A tutorial on how to create Power View reports based on SSAS tabular models

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 December 2015

Power View is an add-in included within Excel 2013 and later versions. This tutorial shows how to create Power View reports based on Analysis Services tabular models.

Disabling Screen Updates in Excel VBA

Posted by Andrew Gould on 26 November 2015

You can give your VBA code a performance boost by simply turning off screen updating while your code runs. This blog explains how to achieve this and how to create a basic timer to test the results.

Tags:   VBA macros | General    |    Writing VBA | Other

A tutorial on using pivot tables in Excel based on SSAS tabular models

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 November 2015

Learn how to create, format and explore pivot tables within Excel based upon SSAS tabular models. This tutorial also shows how to create slicers, and combine them to create dashboards.

How to create a data model in SSAS tabular

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 November 2015

The first - and most important - part of using Analysis Services (tabular mode) is to create a data model, incuding only those tables and columns you need. This lengthy blog shows you how to go about creating the perfect data model!

This blog shows how to create your first tabular project in Visual Studio

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 November 2015

Before you can get started with tabular SSAS, you need to check you have Analysis Services (tabular model) installed on your computer. This blog also shows you how to run and configure Visual Studio, and how to create your first tabular project.

A full tutorial blog on how to create Analysis Services Tabular models

Posted by Andy Brown on 07 November 2015

From SQL Server 2012 onwards there is an alternative way of working with Analysis Services. Say goodbye to difficult-to-create cubes and dimensions, and embrace the new tabular model server mode instead! When finished this tutorial will cover everything you need to know, from creating your first data model to creating measures using DAX expressions.

Should you use tabular or multi-dimensional SSAS mode? Here's the answer!

Posted by Andy Brown on 07 November 2015

If you're building a data warehouse, you'll want to know whether you should be creating cubes using the legacy multi-dimensional Analysis Services server mode, or creating data models in the new tabular mode. This blog gives Wise Owl's take on the subject.

An explanation of how to set up and use the MAM database used by this tutorial

Posted by Andy Brown on 07 November 2015

Our tutorial on using tabular model (Analysis Services) is based on our Make-a-Mammal database. This blog shows how to install this database, and how to understand the tables and relationships that it contains.

How and when to use the Execute SQL task PARSE QUERY button in SSIS

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 September 2015

A short blog explaining how the Parse Query property and BypassPrepare property for an SSIS task are related.

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow

A nostalgic look at training courses whose time has passed

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 September 2015

Although the software industry - including ourselves - normally trumpet what's new, we thought we'd have a one-off look at what definitely isn't new, by listing our deprecated courses.

Tags:   Musings | Nostalgia

What's new in Microsoft Office 2016 (including Excel 2016 changes)

Posted by Andy Brown on 07 September 2015

The latest incarnation of Microsoft Office (2016) should be released on 22nd September 2015 (Microsoft are always a bit ahead of themselves with versions). This blog gives a detailed guide to what's new, the biggest changes being in Excel and Outlook.

Tags:   Outlook | General topics    |    Excel | General    |    Musings | Microsoft Office

How to lay out diagrams in SSIS packages to look neat

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 September 2015

Arrows in your Integrated Services packages can go all over the place - learn how to control them in this short blog on formatting SSIS diagrams.

Tags:   SSIS | General SSIS

Useful links and downloads for our video tutorials on Power BI applications

Posted by Andy Brown on 15 April 2015

This blog is provided to support our series of tutorials on PowerPivot, Power Query, Power View and Power Map.

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