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Christmas and New Year Quiz 2023

We hope you enjoy this quiz! Here's what to do ...

You'll be given in total 20 questions to answer. For each question simply select one of the four possible answers (A, B, C or D). You can pass questions to come back to them later, and mark answers as NOT KNOWN.

You start with 20 points. You'll get 4 points for each question you get right, but LOSE 1 point for each question that you get wrong. It is therefore a bad idea to guess.

You will have a maximum of 20 minutes to complete the quiz (after this time, all unanswered questions will be marked as DON'T KNOW).

When you have finished you'll be able to see your score, the questions you got wrong, and how you did relative to other people who have done this quiz to date. You'll also be able to type in your email address, which (if done before the end of April 2024) will automatically enter you in our prize draw, with your chances of winning being proportional to the number of questions you got right.

When you are ready, simply click on the button below to begin!

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