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WPF using Visual Basic Training Course

£895 + VAT for most venues (£995 + VAT for London)

3 days

WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation - is the basis for Visual Studio, SilverLight … and your next application! WPF provides an alternative to traditional Windows Forms applications, offering better graphics, styles and themes, support for different media and better data-binding.

Our aim is not to teach you every minute detail of WPF, but instead to get you started and give you the confidence to understand what WPF is about. A full courseware manual will be provided, covering more than we actually have time to fit in.

You do not have to have a programming background for this course, but if you have used VB, VBA or VB6 before you will find it easier. Likewise, experience of HTML or XML is not necessary, but if you have done some website development some of the concepts will be more familiar.

The course will use Visual Basic as its programming language, Visual Studio as a development environment and SQL Server as the underlying database.

We don't have any dates scheduled for this course, but we may well consider adding them - it's always worth asking  (or consider an onsite WPF training course).

Course Contents

WPF Basics

  • Training topicUsing Visual Studio
  • Training topicWPF compared to WinForms
  • Training topicCreating WPF projects

Drawing forms

  • Training topicWindow properties
  • Training topicWriting XAML
  • Training topicAdding and formatting controls
  • Training topicRunning an application

Attaching code to events

  • Training topicCreating event-handlers
  • Training topicDisplaying messages
  • Training topicCommenting code
  • Training topicUsing variables

Principles of layout

  • Training topicTypes of flow control
  • Training topicStack panels, dock panels, etc.
  • Training topicThe control hierarchy

Grid and Canvas controls

  • Training topic2-dimensional grids
  • Training topicGrid versus Canvas
  • Training topicAssociated properties

Line drawings

  • Training topicRectangles, ellipses, etc.
  • Training topicPens and brushes
  • Training topicGradient brushes


  • Training topicTypes of transformation
  • Training topicRender vs layout transforms


  • Training topicCreating styles for controls
  • Training topicNamed and unnamed styles
  • Training topicStyle inheritance

Using resources

  • Training topicCreating resources for controls
  • Training topicData type resources
  • Training topicResource dictionaries

Event and property triggers

  • Training topicProperty triggers in styles
  • Training topicCreating event triggers

Animations and storyboards

  • Training topicTypes of storyboard
  • Training topicRunning and pausing storyboards
  • Training topicKey frame animations

Menus and toolbars

  • Training topicCreating menus in WPF
  • Training topicRight mouse button menus
  • Training topicLaying out toolbars

Binding controls

  • Training topicSource and target properties
  • Training topicExamples of binding

Data binding

  • Training topicADO.NET
  • Training topicDatasets and data adapters
  • Training topicSetting the data context
  • Training topicCustomising listboxes


  • Training topicDatagrid columns
  • Training topicFormatting the parts of a datagrid
  • Training topicHandling datagrid events

Deploying applications

  • Training topicClickOnce deployment
  • Training topicInstalling applications

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Sample customer feedback

"Excellent course. It has a lot of information, really enjoyed the course and very practical. Awesome teacher."

Ramon Alsina (XPE Group NV/SA)

"Manual will be really helpful and USB stick is a nice touch. Very impressed with the trainer! Content looked good on the website."

Jack Gilpin (London Overground Rail Operations Ltd (LOROL))

"Excellent all round. Previously attended the Advanced VBA course and was very impressed with the quality; would definitely want to attend another course in the future."

Andrew Petherbridge (Health Education East Midlands)

"Excellent. Really happy with the content and the exercises. The course was great - I'll encourage others to attend."

Ana-Maria Bilciu (WorldPay UK Ltd)

"Great course, well delivered, spot on, gave me the skills required to progress, Great trainer. The course handbook is a great tool to refer to when using SQL daily. Many thanks"

Andrew Riley (Cross Keys Homes)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

No formal pre-requisites are needed, but if you are completely new to programming and HTML you will find the course difficult.

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