Voluntary sector and charities sector - testimonials

Below are 24 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Voluntary sector sector.

"Really helpful course, taught efficiently and everything was explained in an easy to understand way. The location was important and the course content was also described in a good amount of detail which was important when deciding which course to pick."

Sarah Domone


"Great course, very useful for filling in the gaps in my knowledge. Trainer knew the subject matter very well and excellent at training."

Vincent James

Marie Curie

"Excellent content & presentation. Plenty to work on as follow-up work too!"

Sean McKenzie


"Really enjoyed the course. Pitched at right level and the trainer is very helpful. Everything was spot on."

Mike Meehan

Lookahead Support and Care

"Fantastic! Really well taught course."

Samantha Farrance

Canal & River Trust

"The materials and support provided are of a very high standard, the whole process was very easy and enjoyable. The tutor was very flexible to meet our needs and we would not hesitate to use your company again."

Mark Gutteridge

Community Futures

"Really useful content - particularly like being able to use USB to take data/saved queries to practice at home."

Lydia Vye


"The course covered the subject areas I was keen on learning with enough depth. The course material will give me the opportunity to study these topics further in my own time. I feel the tutor kept the course interesting and flowing well."

Minas Hajimina

St. Mungos

"Very impressed with the course material and exercises."

Gary Matthews

Woodland Trust

"Great insight into what can be done. Good course book to take away."

Duncan Davenport

Canal & River Trust

"Very comprehensive course material. Easy to follow and refer back to. Course duration was perfect; manageable modules to digest over the three days."

Rickey-Jay Elmer

Woodland Trust

"Great trainer, good course. Speed of the course was just right."

Richard Gardner

Woodland Trust

"Manuals are excellent, with lots of good examples on the course."

Deborah Turner


"I enjoyed the course and thought it was very well run. The instructor was very good and very patient with me and explained everything fully and made sure everyone understood before moving on to the next stage. "

Debi Jones

Canal & River Trust

"Very well structured course, with great equipment and course material. The trainer was very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions."

Iago Martinez

St. Mungos

"Great course well paced. Source material well presented."

Ian Foard

Woodland Trust

"Excellent course with extremely well written guidance; venue clean and facilities great."

AJ Perkins


"Really enjoyable course. Have crammed in lots of stuff over these two days. Very useful content and great format."

Martin Homer

Lookahead Support and Care

"Plenty of useful ideas to take away for optimising queries. Found the use of the generic themes such as 'films' and 'websites' easy to convert to practical applications for my own business area of nursing & healthcare."

David Bench

Marie Curie

"An excellent introduction to SQL; content exactly what I needed and the manuals are thorough and easy to read. We had a great trainer who delivered the course with great enthusiasm and made the subject enjoyable."

Chris Marchant


"Excellent course content and well delivered."

David Clarkson

Canal & River Trust

"Fantastic course and trainer. Easy to follow course content and material. I needed to learn SQL - your content covered what I needed for my job."

Sarah Kenn

Fostering Solutions

"Very good, instructive course with good pacing and good atmosphere. Chose through a recommendation from Guide Dogs for the Blind."

Christopher Holt

Woodland Trust

"Course was well presented and informative. Course materials are excellent."

Robert Brown

Marie Curie

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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