Construction, property and real estate sector - testimonials

Below are 59 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Construction, property and housing sector.

"Although I was initially booked on the wrong course by one of my colleagues, the trainer went out of his way to ensure my training was completed. Thanks very much!"

Carl Houghton

Helena Partnerships

"The content of the course was very good and the trainer was able to answer specific questions relating to industry examples."

James Green

The Lewis Group

"A good venue, excellent training and overall value. Great courseware."

Esther Galito

Renova Developments Ltd

"The trainer was very patient, gave clear precise instructions and put me at ease immediately."

Teresa Jewell

DH Welton & Co (Builders) Ltd.

"Really enjoyed this course. The trainer made this interesting and informative and his enthusiastic approach has definitely made me enthusiastic too!"

Jacky Marquis


"Good pace. The trainer was very helpful and wanted everyone to learn. The small class size is beneficial. I started using Reporting Services at work and found the Wise Owl blogs and videos online and liked the style."

Paul Shaw

Telereal Trillium

"Course did as it said it would do - give a good overview. It has helped me to see what I need to do in the future. The tutor was very helpful and answered all queries even when related to a different subject (ie Report Builder.)"

Kristel Schirwing

First Choice Homes Oldham

"The trainer was very enthusiastic which helped with what was quite a difficult course for me. He also took time to spend extra time with me before the start of the second day, for which I am grateful."

Graham Whittal

Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation

"Excellent course - well paced, easy to understand manuals. We had an excellent teacher; flexible, knowledgeable and friendly."

Mark Gregory

Prime Place Developments Limited

"Really good pacing and appreciated the chance to practice at regular intervals. The trainer made what seemed complex at the outset very approachable."

Chris Chandler

Trafford Housing Trust

"It has been a really good course - the trainer showed real empathy with my needs for learning SQL."

Jayne Winterbottom

First Choice Homes Oldham

"The course content was excellent; trainer very knowledgeable and personable and the training venue was perfect."

Andy Gaskell

The Riverside Group Ltd

"All very good indeed."

Daecon Leggatt

B and CE

"Great course. I learned a lot, with all explanations crystal clear. The course was awesome!"

Anthony Scully

Helena Partnerships

"Really good course. Explained in an easy to understand manner."

Andrew Powley

Helena Partnerships

"Learnt a lot, thanks to all the exercises we had to do."

Shabbir Jadliwala

Grafton Group

"The detailed course material will assist my development in the future."

Jonathan Pearce

Sellafield Ltd.

"The course was brilliant and the trainer was a diamond. I have already written my first macro, it just needs finishing off; opens a couple of files and deletes out data that I normally delete manually. Didn't think I would be able to do that within days of the course. I was planning to start small, but once I got going I found my way around with some trial and error and checking google and the course manual. I am planning on going on the advanced course once I am ready. "

Abdul Khan

Places for People Group

"The content of the course was excellent and presented well."

Janice Garnett

AA Projects Ltd

"The trainer is very friendly and helpful."

Wenlong Wang

Hometrack Data System

"The course (Access) was very informative and fun, it was very interesting and I can’t wait to try my new skills out at work. I was impressed with the whole day and would recommend Wise Owl to others."

Claire Louise Jones

LMS Survey & Valuation

"Excellent course. Great pace and very informative, would highly recommend and would choose Wise Owl again."

Rebecca Thomas

Helena Partnerships

"Great course!"

Dan Cook

Magenta Living

"Excellent course - could not fault it!"

Paul Atterbury

Marley Eternit Ltd.

"Our recent training was very good, the trainer was very knowledgeable and engaging, and even adapted the course to our needs."

Ian Shuttleworth

Six Town Housing

"Thought that the course admin was very good, when booking I was kept fully updated on the process and with prompt responses and assistance. The content and manuals are of a high standard and covered all the basics giving a a good knowledge."

Mark Hannon

Midland Heart Ltd. (formerly Prime Focus)

"Having never seen Visio before the training, I was impressed with the trainer's ability to steer the course to all levels of competency."

Daryl Cowley

AA Projects Ltd

"I was extremely happy with the course content (Excel 2007 Business Modelling) and learned a lot. I’m very happy with the course materials that I can take away (USB and course manual) and with the flexibility of the trainer. As I was the only person booked on to the course, I received 1:1 training at my speed and the trainer didn’t mind went I went off on a tangent! The facilities at the venue (Manchester) were great – the layout was good and tea, coffee and snacks were all readily available. The course was very well planned with lots of exercises and answers to hand – all of which I can take away and use again. All in all I’m very impressed!"

Debbie Yarrow

Braemar Group plc

"Excellent course, excellent tutor and manuals."

David Peach

Cheetham Hill Construction Ltd.

"I have learnt a lot over the past 2 days. All of the content of the course will benefit me greatly with my reporting at work. I was informed about this course from my colleague at work who highly recommended Wise Owl."

Wendy Lipsidge

EC Harris

"Good stuff! The trainer was a charming gent with an endearing sense of irony. It was a pleasure to give 10/10 for everything."

Matthew Cornah

Arcadis Vectra

"The course was tailored to our specific requirements which was extremely helpful."

Janet Cripps

AA Projects Ltd

"The course was delivered efficiently and enthusiastically. The two days were great."

Francesca Guarini

The Riverside Group Ltd

"Best course I've been on."

David Gerwitz

Helena Partnerships

"I attended an Excel VBA course and learnt a great deal over the 2 days. It was really enjoyable and the trainer was super-helpful and very patient. The course manual, exercises and flash drive are all very useful. The city centre location was very convenient and would use Wise Owl again for any future courses."

Kerendeep Kaur

The Graham Group PLC

"Excellent two days. Great trainer and venue. Learnt a lot. Thank you. I attended the course on a colleague's recommendation."

Daniel Tombs

Epos Group

"All really good thanks. Had good reviews on Google, so booked."

Michael Barlow

Garic Ltd

"I have enjoyed the course and I hope to be using a lot of my new skills in the future. The trainer was very helpful and thorough."

Claire Jackson

Carrington Business Park Ltd

"I was looking for a course that covered all the bases and this fitted the bill perfectly. (The trainer had a) very flexible approach and clearly deep knowledge of the subject."

Ian Nolan

Lend Lease Infrastructure (EMEA) Ltd

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course as I haven't used Publisher before. The trainer went through the topics at a good speed and taught in a way which made it quick and easy to learn."

Nicola Valentine

AA Projects Ltd

"I really enjoyed the course and more importantly learned a lot but the presence of your manual and the USB to ensure I can practice and develop until it is embedded is very useful. The trainer was very friendly, helpful and despite some of my questions, at no point made me feel inadequate despite the other delegate needing very different levels of input. I would highly recommend Wise Owl after this experience."

Mary Blackwell

Househam Henderson

"An excellent course (Excel Business Modelling) delivered at the right pace and which was made much better by the low number of participants."

Stuart Owens

Kingfisher Tmb Limited

"I liked all the exercises, the USB stick that contained all course material and exercise answers - allowing easy referal post-course , meals out, location and the detailed exercises and manuals. The exercises didn't just cover what we'd been taught and so we were able to refer to the manual for the extra information/instructions. I would really recommend this course."

Zoe Ashley

Arcadis Vectra

"Very enjoyable course, well presented at the right pace with a very knowledgeable and amiable lecturer."

Mark Burnett

The Riverside Group Ltd

"The manual is great and the course was fun - I really enjoyed myself."

Alice Storey

Richmond Housing Partnership

"The tutor had good in depth knowledge and the ability to put the subject across in plain language."

Paul Thompson

Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald

"I really enjoyed the course. It was all clearly explained in an easy to understand format. Even the more technical topics. The trainer clearly went through all topics and ensured we understood before moving on."

Rita Kavanagh

Six Town Housing

"Excellent presentation together with the course notes have provided me with a grounding in the use of Project."

Rory O'Connor

Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald

"Good speed, in depth; I've enjoyed the course and learnt a lot."

Samantha Sharples

Places for People Group

"The trainer was great and I fully understood everything he taught me. He also took the time to ensure that I had grasped everything I had been taught before leaving the training course. The manuals supplied are easy to follow and I'm able to easily look up anything that I’m unsure of when I get back to the office. A most enjoyable training course."

Colleen Stedman

London Thames Gateway Development Corporation

"I was very happy with all elements of the course."

Rodney Barrett

Capita Symonds

"Excellent training. Loved little touches like refreshments and lunch."

Heather Jackson

Helena Partnerships

"A brilliant course - interesting and I learnt a lot. The trainer was fantastic."

Louise Hartley

Workman LLP

"A very informative and extremely helpful course. I have learnt so much and feel a lot more confident using Excel now."

Gemma Cooper

Workman LLP

"The manuals and other materials provided are excellent, the low number of attendees allows a more personal service and helps tailor the course to our needs which is fantastic."

Mark Hickey

Galliford Try Environmental

"Really enjoyed the course and going to get loads of use out of it. Looking forward to practicing it back at the office."

Jessica Harbidge

Helena Partnerships

"Very good course covered everything we asked for in the time we had, hopefully it will be put into practice soon."

Cathy Northall

Marley Eternit Ltd.

"I feel the course (VB.NET) has given me a solid foundation for further research and for writing my first programs. I attended a VBA course last year and so I didn't think twice about choosing Wise Owl second time around."

Magdalena Zarzycka

Emery Planning Partnership

"The trainer was incredibly thorough and has an extensive knowledge, which allowed us to ask specific questions relating to our business."

Gareth Harold

The Riverside Group Ltd

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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