Banks, investment companies, financial advisors and lenders sector - testimonials

Below are 80 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Banks, investments, pensions, IFAa sector.

"We covered extra areas so a very nice surprise. Trainer was very friendly and more importantly very helpful. Venue was excellent as was the lunch............better than receiving lunch vouchers!"

Hung Van Cat

WorldPay UK Ltd

"I thought it was a very useful course and has given me a much greater knowledge of VBA - which is what I was hoping for."

Andrew Spells

Legal and General Assurance Society

"Excellent way of teaching. The trainer is a very patient and helpful individual."

Hanzala Qureshi

WorldPay UK Ltd

"Great material, great content, excellent trainer on a very well executed course. Although the delegates were at different levels, the trainer made time for all of us. I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot."

Michelle Andrews

Santander UK plc

"Very informative, well paced, well resourced. Good introduction to the material with enough exercises to enhance learning."

Martin Buckley

Hoist Finance

"The content was delivered superbly."

Tom Foster

National Australia Bank Group Ltd.

"The guys all really enjoyed the course and are keen to get going now. A couple even said the trainer was the best technical trainer they have ever had! If we have any future Microsoft training requirements - you'll be top of the list. "

Martin Hughes

CAMRADATA Analytical Services

"An excellent course."

Stuart Calway

WorldPay UK Ltd

"Very useful course. Appropriate level and the trainer was extremely helpful. The exercises reinforced learning - very helpful."

Danielle Green

WorldPay UK Ltd

"The trainer was friendly and answered all questions."

Uttam Das

Think Money Group Limited

"The trainer was very helpful with any questions that we had. The course was delivered at the right level for me - not easy, not too hard but still challenging."

Khyati Mistry

Legal and General Assurance Society

"Well presented and at a good pace."

Jonathan Davies

Yorkshire Bank plc

"Enthusiastic trainer explained content excellently! Kept it simple and easy to understand."

James Carter

Lloyds Banking Group

"Good content, engaging trainer with clear depth of knowledge."

Thomas Whatley

Bank of Ireland (UK) Plc

"The trainer is excellent - highly recommended. The website is great and informative."

Leigh Nelson

Temporis Capital LLP

"Good mix of walk through/teaching and practical exercises. Helpful in ensuring understanding of section covered."

Charlotte Humphrey - Bell

Cullum Capital Ventures

"Very good course with useful exercises that flow well over the 3 days."

Andrew Malcolm

Equiniti Services Limited

"I found the course really helpful. I had heard good feedback from colleagues who had previously attended this course with Wise Owl."

Paul Hamilton

Openwork Services Limited

"We had an excellent trainer with plenty of patience. You never felt it was burden to ask questions."

Marion Green

Deutsche Boerse Group

"A great course with good and relevant content. Lunch out was a nice touch and the memory stick is a good idea."

Allan Marchington

Apposite Capital

"We had a fantastic trainer who explained things so that they were easy to understand. The work books and manuals were very easy to understand and are a great reference tool."

Alison Wailes

HSBC Bank plc

"Very helpful course - very useful to understand the basics."

Andrew Konarski

Legal and General Assurance Society

"Excellent course which was well adapted to fit the participants needs."

David Ollett

Cardif Pinnacle


Paige Alcock

Merchant Rentals Ltd

"Great training - I was lucky enough to be the only one on the course so was able to tailor things and go in to a little more depth. The trainer was very patient and explained things clearly."

Andrew Farthing

Quarterpenny Limited

"Really good, enjoyable. Group size was perfect for keeping everyone together."

Paul Ryan

Ebiquity Plc

"Trainer was very approachable and friendly and I found it really useful and have plenty of ideas how I can use what I've learnt."

Alison Smith

Lloyds Banking Group

"We had an excellent trainer who explained things in a simple and clear way. Pace of the course was brilliant. Manual appears to speak 'plain English' and not too technical which is a refreshing change."

Chris Brown

Sesame Bankhall Group

"Very easy to follow with the step by step instructions. Good pace and not too much information to make you feel uncomfortable."

Cheryl Calverley

MUFG Securities

"Trainer tried to tie things in with our own data which doesn't always happen - thank you. "

Lynn Mitchell

Lloyds Banking Group

"Excellent. Really happy with the content and the exercises. The course was great - I'll encourage others to attend."

Ana-Maria Bilciu

WorldPay UK Ltd

"The trainer was fantastic, incredibly good with explanations."

James Barnden

WorldPay UK Ltd

"Really well conducted, good information and training. The course was ideal for us. I felt it was made more bespoke for us too with great help and advice from the trainer."

Gemma Harding

CFC Underwriting

"The course was well paced and delivered in a manner that maintained interest."

Richard Quinton

Cardif Pinnacle

"Perfect pacing; not too much content (no overload) and also quick enough to maintain engagement."

Graham Wright

Santander UK plc

"Excellent course - I want to take more now!!"

Sanjay Agarwala

WorldPay UK Ltd

"Course was taught at a good speed and didn't get boring or slow at any point, with useful and practical content."

William Wilkinson

CAMRADATA Analytical Services

"The course content was very good and information with a relaxed class atmosphere."

Matt Trigg

Openwork Services Limited

"The manuals are very helpful to be able to refer back to with thorough content. The trainer was clearly interested in the topic which in turn kept interest levels high amongst group - he was very clear at explaining topics. I would definitely sign up to future Wise Owl courses."

Alexia Sidders

MUFG Securities

"Great, clear instructions, easy to follow and has greatly increased my VBA knowledge and confidence using the system."

Matthew Morris

Lloyds Banking Group

"Well-run course with well-worked examples and relation to practical application. I chose this course because of the professionalism of the website, course content and level of service from querying about the course right through to the completion."

Victor Kioko


"Well run and organised course, which has helped fill in gaps in my knowledge."

Kevin Williams

Albemarle and Bond plc

"All the content covered was clear to understand. Well taught with great hospitality."

Jessica Sparkes

WorldPay UK Ltd

"I found the manuals a very useful tool, especially with the step by step pictures."

Julie Barbour


"The training was excellent and covered exactly what we needed. The trainer's delivery was perfectly pitched for the group and he managed to keep everyone engaged whilst fitting in as much content as possible. From an organisational point of view it was a major benefit to us that all the equipment and data was provided because this saved us a lot of hassle arranging this ourselves. We were also very impressed with the course manual which will prove to be an invaluable reference for us in the future. We will definitely consider using Wise Owl again in the future."

Mark Webb

Sesame Bankhall Group

"Good content - we covered a lot of content and the exercises helped to put the training into practice."

Kalpesh Parmar

Cullum Capital Ventures

"A brilliant course. Thoroughly enjoyable with excellent content, a relaxed atmosphere and a tremendous trainer."

Richard Abbott

Openwork Services Limited

"Course and trainer were both excellent."

Robert Hawke

Lloyds Banking Group

"Well structured course and materials. Knowledgeable trainer. All in all, an informative and helpful course."

Kevin Ireson

Nationwide Building Society

"The course content made me chose this course. I am very satisfied and happy and feel I made the right choice."

Sumita Mukherjee

Vanquis Bank Ltd

"It was really good to have such a knowledgeable trainer who could advise on different topics and problems. "

Ciaran Ellis

Legal and General Assurance Society

"The trainer made things less scary!!"

Tamaki Rahman

MUFG Securities

"I really enjoyed the course, it was the right balance of practical and exercises, with supported leaning on topics covered. The handouts are very detailed too. The memory sticks are a nice touch too."

Ruth Botwright

Skipton Building Society

"I attended an Excel Visual Basic (VBA) course in London. The 2-day course duration and the coverage were ideal. The manuals provided explained the topics very well and contained useful exercises."

Tim Elliott

Hermes Fund Managers Ltd

"Very happy, will return for more courses when possible."

Darren Clark

BlueBay Asset Management LLP

"The course was very well explained and also very relevant to what I will need VBA for, thanks. There was a good mix of exercises and explanations."

Eleanor Dobson

Santander UK plc

"Great course with an enthusiastic tutor. Enjoyable two days."

Daniel Brooke


"Manual brilliant and will use in future."

Rob Osipiuk

St James's Place

"Lots to cover but followed a good pace and where required made it fit in with our requirements."

Pia Wilson

Trafalgar House Pensions Administration

"Good tips on how to jazz up your spreadsheets. Enjoyed macros."

Tania Graham

BlueBay Asset Management LLP

"Good. Very well prepared training course."

Nathanael Pinder

Close Asset Management Ltd.

"Plenty of great course material provided to keep me going."

Anthony Watson

Harrington Brooks

"Excellent course. Very well explained and structured in a way that flows very well. This provided useful new tools plus it made me aware of what mistakes we had been making! The course was very well structured and delivered."

Deepesh Shah

Eurex Clearing

"I found this course very useful and the manual is very easy to reference."

Janine Boyd

Equiom Trust Company Limited

"Friendly, informative, helpful trainer - good resources and manuals given for after course which will help greatly in my job role going forward. Content gave great understanding of basic SQL for someone who had zero experience. Recommendation by colleague who had previously completed the course."

Richard Pentecost

WorldPay UK Ltd

"Very good trainer with very good experience, practical and intellectual knowledge. Proper time was given to all aspects, including understanding and any questions/explanations in the working sessions, I would have liked even more time to cover even the optional topics. This course was recommended to me by a colleague and I shall in turn recommend on to my colleagues. The venue was also good – well located and equipped."

Daniel Ware

WorldPay UK Ltd

"Super trainer!!"

Omer Malik


"Well organised. Well presented. Top marks *****."

William Mello

MUFG Securities

"Very well done; I really enjoyed the clear explanations and enthusiasm from the trainer."

Rumbidzai Chopamba

Legal and General Assurance Society

"Great course. Well done and look forward to booking more courses with you."

Richard Haines

WorldPay UK Ltd

"Very knowledgeable trainer, good manner and I thoroughly enjoyed the training."

Rob Wilson

Yorkshire Building Society

"Manuals, admin and PC set up very good. Examples and help provided throughout the course was good."

Graeme Ingram

Scottish Widows Plc

"Very good course. Knowledgeable instructor and useful, entertaining exercises. Would definitely recommend."

Rob Grant

Yorkshire Bank plc

"Well paced course with very useful content. Good documentation which will prove invaluable to cement the knowledge gained. Very happy with Wise Owl from start to finish - would definitely use and recommend again."

Wayne Newton

Furness Building Society

"Brilliant training. The trainer was excellent and clearly knew his material. I very much liked having a manual to take away, as well as having answers to the exercises. The training also involved a lot of practice which I very much appreciated."

Dominique Drewe

National Australia Bank Group Ltd.

"Very interactive and informative within and out of the scope of the course. Good lunch. Ability to do a tailored course with our own colleagues, was a deciding factor."

Liam Jeffery

CFC Underwriting

"Was impressed!"

Kieran Bailey

GM Financial

"Fantastic course - I've used SSRS for years but have learnt several new features/tricks in the past two days. Can't wait to put into practice next week at work. The trainer helped with any queries and is very knowledgeable."

Adam English


"Excellent pace and very inclusive. Trainer adapted course to accommodate all delegates on the day and still covered all important aspects of the course. It was great and covered a great deal."

Rob Howell

Lloyds Banking Group

"Very helpful that the example course database and all code written during training can be taken away on a complimentary USB stick."

Alan Hardy

National Australia Bank Group Ltd.

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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