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Microsoft Excel training courses and much more!

This page lists out the public training courses that Wise Owl offer in Excel, but also include links to our exercises, course manuals, tutorials, blogs and more:

If you have any questions about any aspect of our Excel training, give us a call or send us an enquiry.


Microsoft Excel training / MS Excel courses

Wise Owl run a host of training courses in Excel, Excel Visual Basic and PowerPivot, as follows:

Course Summary
Introduction to Excel A gentle one-day introduction to Microsoft Excel
Advanced Excel A two-day intermediate or advanced Excel course, for those who know the basics
Excel Modelling Two days' training in how to build robust financial models in Excel
Excel 2013 upgrade This one-day course (aimed at existing users of Excel) summarises the new features of Excel 2013.
Excel VBA macros A two-day course in how to program in Excel Visual Basic for Applications
Advanced VBA For those who already know VBA, a two-day advanced course!
PowerPivot and DAX training A two-day course showing how to use PowerPivot to create pivot tables on multiple tables, including DAX.

If you can't see exactly the Excel course you want (for more details, see here), we'll put together a tailored course for you!

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Microsoft Excel course manuals

If you're thinking of booking Excel training with Wise Owl, you'll want to know what our courseware is like - so we've published some sample chapters:

Course manual Chapter title
Excel 2010 Office Interface
PowerPivot 2010 Connecting to Tables
Excel 2010 Formatting Worksheets
Excel Visual Basic Talking to your user
Excel VBA Advanced Using File Dialog Boxes

All of our Excel courseware follows the same pattern - the only special thing about these chapters is that we've shared them with you online!

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Microsoft Excel exercises

We believe in showing you everything we can - which is why you can view our Excel exercises online using one of the following links (you can even try them out in advance of any course!):

Category Exercises Notes
Excel 2010 exercises 83 Our Excel 2010 exercises
Excel 2007 exercises 97 Our exercises in Excel 2007
Excel Visual Basic exercises 38 Our exercises in Visual Basic for Applications for Excel
PowerPivot exercises 22 Our PowerPivot exercises

Each of the Excel exercises listed above is self-contained - the only thing you won't find included is the answers, which you will get if you attend one of our Microsoft Excel courses.

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Versions of Excel

To help you keep track of where Excel is up to (and which version you need to consider for any training course) we've included the following version history:

Excel 2013 changes are coming soon - in the meantime, we've blogged about them.

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Online Excel training resources

As well as running classroom-based training in Excel, we've also blogged copiously on it, including creating a full online VBA tutorial:

Online training Notes
Videos on Excel Wise Owl videos containing Excel tips and tricks
Microsoft Excel blogs A variety of Wise Owl blogs on aspects of using Excel
Excel VBA tutorial A full online training guide to how to write macros in Excel Visual Basic

Click on any of the above links to get more online help on how to use Excel.

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Excel software development

In addition to training on Excel, we also offer bespoke Excel system development (although we might try to persuade you that you should be using a database instead).  We're gurus at writing VBA systems, but also have the knack - built up over 20 years or more of training end-users - of creating systems that are easy to use.  If you want help writing a system, drop us a line.

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Microsoft Excel training venues

We run our Excel training courses all over the UK, including:

Training venue Notes
Excel training in London Excel training in London and the South-East
Excel training in Manchester Excel training courses in Manchester and the Noth-West
Excel training in Birmingham Microsoft Excel courses in the Midlands

Wise Owl run training courses in Excel anywhere in the UK (we've actually run one in Ankara before now!).

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