Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sector - testimonials

Below are 13 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Pharmaceuticals sector.

"A good course structure with well balanced and timed, practical and theoretical content. The tutor was extremely good with skilled explanations, clear logic, good use of illustrations and patient."

Chloe Scott

Covance Laboratories LTD

"Lovely tutor in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Lovely lunch both days with good course content."

Emma Higgins

M&A Pharmachem Ltd

"The (Access Introduction for Developer) course format, presentation and venue (London) were excellent and accompanied by impressive courseware. I will be recommending this to others."

Russell Harding

Amdipharm Plc

"Excellent course building up from the basics. The trainer was extremely helpful and presented everything clearly and logically. The exercises were also very useful."

Chris McCarthy

Applied Biosystems Ltd

"Hits the spot! As always. Would love to have an extra day working through exercises."

Mary Filipowicz

Envigo Research Ltd

"Everything was great, very engaging instructor; like small class size; very interesting approach to material and a friendly atmosphere. Great!"

Elliot Page


"I wish I had come on this course much sooner. I have attended something similar but no where near as fruitful. The trainer and location were great - I will be recommending."

Cassie Reilly

Biochemical Society

"I liked the easy to follow manuals and as the course was well prepared, I felt that no time was wasted."

Graeme Kay


"I found the whole team to be friendly and approachable. The trainer was knowledgeable and helpful and I would not hesitate in recommending Wise Owl."

Claire Anderson


"Excellent course - well run and delivered at a good pace. Eating out for lunch was a very good idea. Would Recommend!"

Marc Brayley

Actavis UK

"Good overview - well explained. Good exercises, friendly trainer and good book to accompany course."

Matt Bunker

Molecular Profiles Ltd

"Trainer was thorough and patient. The manual and the information contained on the USB stick will be extremely useful. Some areas that I do not need to know about have meant that I will feel more confident to 'have a go' in my work environment."

Rana Kolivand

Biochemical Society

"Course material is very good, the manual is an excellent idea enabling us to learn more at our work place."

Stephen Scull


Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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