Manufacturing and engineering sector - testimonials

Below are 87 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Manufacturing/engineering sector.

"The course manuals being in colour and including screen shots is very helpful. The trainer was also very accommodating of our specific needs."

Andrew Oliphant

Hochiki Europe

"Excellent courseware and the trainer knew their subject very well."

Andrew Buck

DeltaRail Group Ltd (now Resonate Group Ltd)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The trainer was great, very approachable and knowledgeable. The notes are very comprehensive and will be of great benefit in the future."

Christine Thompson

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"A very relaxed and informative course. The trainer was very easy to talk to, which made it comfortable to ask questions."

Brenda Small


"Exactly at the level that I required and I was able to go at my own pace."

Paul Roughan

Delphi Diesel Systems

"The course venue, location, manuals were all excellent. I loved the relaxed feel to the course and felt comfortable in asking questions etc. I would definitely recommend Wise Owl's Visio course."

Sara Dalton

NRG International Ltd.

"Very knowledgeable and personable."

Lewis McNaughton

Schneider Electric

"The course was excellent with easy to understand instructions as I do not have great computer skills."

Mike Kelly

Chadwicks of Bury Ltd

"Great course with strong content."

Richard Moffett


"Enjoyable, informative course - thank you!"

Helen Sandison

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"Manuals have a lot of good information. Nice to not take notes constantly and be able to concentrate on the trainer."

Natalie B


"We had a great trainer - very calm and knowledgeable. He answered all queries very well and set the right pace."

Nikhil Bahirwani


"Excellent training including a good manual and intelligent training exercises."

Daren Bakewell

Mercedes UK

"Trainer was really, really good. (Excel Business Modelling) The trainer explains things at the perfect speed. Content is pitched at correct level. (Excel VBA macros)"

David Pearson

BAE Systems

"Enthusiastic, able to converse at all levels. Very interesting. Well done."

Steve Houlston

Omega Engineering Ltd.

"Excellent training manuals and the course presentation was very good."

Suvina Muller

DeltaRail Group Ltd (now Resonate Group Ltd)

"I felt I learnt a lot on the course."

Donna Stonehouse

Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive Ltd

"This was a very well presented course and I have taken away some valuable new ways of using certain areas of Excel."

Dave Moore

Brother UK

"A good trainer who was very patient and explained things in "Joe Bloggs" terms. The course documentation is excellent."

Sue Barker

Alstom Power Limited

"The level of content and speed of delivery was good - not too intensive, but didn't get bored."

Adrian Leyshon

Hochiki Europe

"Excellent course material and engaging exercises."

Chris Snow


"Great course. Good trainer who tailored the course to suit our actual working requirements. Learnt a lot!"

Mark Se


"The manual looks like it will be a good reminder with all the screen shots."

Andrea Howard

Omega Engineering Ltd.

"A very well delivered course that suited my needs - the trainer was patient and delivered at a level to suit each delegate."

Hazel Gillespie

Unilever Research Ltd.

"Excellently presented. Perfect cover and detail. Excellent manual. Thanks."

John Walpole

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"Trainer geared his training to the different levels of competency."

Linda Stewardson


"Material great, trainer very helpful and approachable. Lovely day."

Eve Dobrowolska

Whitecroft Lighting Ltd.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training provided. The trainer was very helpful and clear in her approach. "

Liz Clarke

Whitecroft Lighting Ltd.

"I was lucky enough to have a 1 on 1 course. It was easy to understand for a novice like myself. I will recommend to others."

John Allman

Heimbach UK Ltd

"Very clear explanations and instructions with excellent supporting material. The helpful and friendly trainer made the course very comfortable to attend."

Debbie Grimshaw

Brother UK

"Content and examples were excellent. Very practical and hands on work helped reinforce understanding. Excellent trainer - extremely knowledgeable and can make a potentially dry subject interesting - clearly a lot of practical experience - very impressed."

Daniel Rollins

Jaguar Land Rover Limited

"A very informative and interactive course which will no doubt be of use over the coming months. The course material was very well presented in both electronic and paper formats."

Adrian Wightman

Pell Frischmann Consulting Engineers Ltd.

"Good content. Learnt lots of new tricks."

Lucy Nichols


"Good introduction to Report Builder. We had a very good trainer, who knows his subject well and I've learnt some good tips. The manual is also very good."

John Hebrard

Ishida Europe Ltd

"Best IT based course I have ever been on ever! Well paced and engaging as well as informative. Thanks."

Joanna McGurk

Voith Turbo Ltd.

"An excellent set-up and a real pleasure visiting you."

Glenn Moss

Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Everything was well organised."

Julia Jurkane

Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive Ltd

"I chose the course after viewing content on You Tube and being impressed by the presentation."

Andrew Hutchinson

Tinsley Bridge Services Limited

"Knowledgeable, great trainer. Booklet and exercises are handy. Interesting course kept me awake."

Lili Herczku

Mercedes UK

"Excellent course, very clearly delivered."

Maria Ming

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"Very professional organisation in terms of communication and responses to any questions before the course. We had a nice venue and a fun tutor with excellent knowledge. They went a mile further and exceeded my expectations and I will definitely recommend others to Wise Owl!" "

Michaela Hlucha

W Lucy & Co Ltd

"Brilliant, well presented. Thank you."

Craig Harris


"Training was very good. Tailored to our needs and at a pace we could keep up with. We learnt so much we have already written a number of our own reports!"

Gemma Fletcher

Ishida Europe Ltd

"I thought the course was very good. It's nice to see a detailed manual and to get to save/keep your work that you created so that you can check "in reality" how you achieved your goals."

Richard Marks

Radius Systems

"I attended an Excel course which was all excellent. Friendly, helpful and stress free!"

Angela McKeown

Heimbach UK Ltd

"Excellent tutor."

Tanveer Malgundkar

Jaguar Land Rover Limited

"Another very positive experience. Once again, having used PowerPoint for many years, today I have learnt many new tips and tricks that will help me greatly - both to save time and to help improve the quality of my presentations."

Paul Gower

Rogers UK Limited

"Perfect content for a beginner like myself. The trainer was very methodical and interesting and made the course informative and very enjoyable. I now feel that I am no longer a complete novice! Thank you."

Dave McQuade


"Great course delivery, speed tailored well for audience and relevant to what we needed."

Mark Breed


"The trainer was very willing to try to help answer many specific queries even though they weren’t part of the course. He was also willing to be emailed with questions after the course. Excellent refreshments and lunches! "

Michael Wragg

BAE Systems

"The course trainer was excellent with a great knowledge of VBA and plenty of enthusiasm. I would definitely recommend Wise Owl to other colleagues as I was!"

Simon Street

Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive Ltd

"Very good course format - users are actively trying stuff out, so is better for learning. Trainer was very knowledgeable."

Gavin Probyn

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"The trainer was pleasant and very helpful. It was nice to be taken out for lunch rather than sandwiches in the office."

Kevin Tate

Rotary Engineering

"The trainer went to great lengths to help us in some awkward parts of our work and adjusted the focus of the training very well. (Tailored training.)"

William Halliday

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"Good, interesting and engaging exercises. Very friendly trainer. "

Mark Beeforth

Bifold FluidPower Limited

"Good course - tailored to my needs as the only member on the course."

Kelly Simmons

Glynwed Pipe Systems

"Great course, well presented. I am looking forward to applying the new skills."

Nick Denye

Unilever Research Ltd.

"The course manual is useful and detailed, the content covering Visio features quite in depth. The trainer was very, very nice, helpful and polite."

Karolina Mielewczyk

Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive Ltd

"Excellent course - relevant and eye opening at times! Very good presentation."

Colin McGarry

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"An excellent course which exceeded my expectations by a mile. I feel confident that I now have sufficient skills to develop and deploy useful databases."

Mark Allender

Bowmer Bond

"Explained well, good content and good to have a comprehensive manual."

Ashley Wilkins

Ishida Europe Ltd

"A quality course, enthusiastic delivery in a clear and understandable format."

Mike Howard

Ferranti Technologies Ltd.

"Small class sizes made me choose this course over competitors."

Kalvinder Grewel

Avnet Technology Solutions Ltd

"The approach was flexible and the trainer took time to listen and guide the knowledge as required. A good course with all aspects covered."

Alan Pickin

DeltaRail Group Ltd (now Resonate Group Ltd)

"Brilliant, well explained, easy to read manual. Really enjoyed it."

Helen Grazier

Ishida Europe Ltd

"I thought the course was extremely informative and has helped me with a few ideas on how to perform tasks back at work a lot quicker."

Philip Childs


"Everything about the course was geared to exactly what I needed and the trainer's expertise and personality was just right for leading this course."

Lisa Jones


"Everything was excellent - the trainer made sure we understood everything before we went to the next topic. The manuals are excellent. I can not fault the course. Your on-line videos make it easier to understand."

Gillian Cookson

Silicone Engineering Limited

"Excellent course & content on both courses. Your You-Tube videos are extremely helpful. Looking forward to implementing new knowledge, back at base."

Antony Peel

Silicone Engineering Limited

"Very flexible and comprehensive course. All of the key content was covered without feeling rushed"

Stuart Peake

Unilever Research Ltd.

"Excellent course, very well lead by trainer. Good manual with excellent knowledge for future."

Simon Bowler

Box It Document Solutions Limited

"We had an extremely knowledgeable trainer and he was great at making sure everyone was up to speed before moving onto the next topic. The pace was good and now I am going to have a go at things on my own. Thanks."

Gemma Walker

Ishida Europe Ltd

"Very interesting - loved it!"

Airi Christoffersen

Ishida Europe Ltd

"Great course, relevant. Trainer was really clear and helpful."

Nidhi Bhola


"Excellent - topics built well on top of each other."

Iain Todd

Street Crane Company Ltd

"The trainer was very flexible about adjusting the time and was happy to tailor the course to us. It has been great to have such a small group. I am impressed by the quality of the training manuals."

Dinah Alan-Smith

Smiths Group

"The trainer explained everything really well. Happy to answer any questions we had and to go over anything we didn't understand. The manual and exercise book are really helpful; I can practice these techniques back at work on spreadsheets I use daily."

Louise Thompson


"A very good course. Again, what sets Wise Owl apart from other courses I've been on is their ability to customise examples and training to the client's individual needs and not just work through a manual, rigidly sticking to that content."

Nick Whitehead

Bifold FluidPower Limited

"The course (Excel Advanced) has been extremely useful and very well presented. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering further learning."

Mark Dickinson

Brother UK

"Brilliant course again."

Chris Kellett

Pegler Yorkshire

"The content was easy to follow from basic knowledge to more complicated theories. The speed of the course made sure everyone understood the topic. Exercises during the training was good to help understanding. "

Hiro Liu


"Very well presented. Very informative. Very useful."

Damian Cleary

Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive Ltd

"Excellent content clearly presented with a well-structured progression through topics tailored to fit the abilities of the group"

Cameron Watson

Ishida Europe Ltd

"Excellent course which was very useful and informative. "

Julia Reid

Unilever Research Ltd.

"Course was very good, interesting and very useful."

Andrew Neill

Street Crane Company Ltd

"Very good course content, well delivered in a friendly and informative way."

Simon Doig


"Great course, very useful and would definitely recommend. Will get report builder asap; lots of useful reports I can utilise in my work."

Olly Gwilliam

Ishida Europe Ltd

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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