Local authorities and government sector - testimonials

Below are 31 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Local government sector in the last 3 years.

"Great. Really useful. Knowledgeable trainer."

Joanne Elcock

Rochdale MBC

"Course was structured very intelligently to build on code created in earlier section to be used to demonstrate the current topic. Everything was explained very well and am keen to put them into practice. Very enjoyable two days."

Natalie Kurz

Surrey County Council

"Fantastic training. Even though I knew some basic elements of creating reports, I have learnt so much more."

Clarita Stemarthe

CBC Central Bedfordshire Council

"Absolutely brilliant. Great content. The trainer is very knowledgeable and friendly. He knew the ins and outs of SSIS and was able to show the product to great effect in a very short period of time. The facilities are modern and with the seemingly unlimited amount of tea available, I was certainly kept refreshed! I will continue to use Wise Owl for my CPD needs! "

Johan Kangasniemi

Oldham MBC

"The course was fantastic, exactly what I was looking for. Quite simply this was the best training course that I have been on for a very long time. I will certainly be keeping Wise Owl at the top of my list for future training and encourage anyone else looking for training to check out Wise Owl."

Luke Murthwaite

Huntingdonshire District Council

"The course was well-structured and comprehensive and the price was very competitive so overall I thought the course was excellent."

Fiona Russell

Housing Ombudsman

"The whole content was explained very well - some good examples which were clear to understand."

Jane Boocock

Rochdale MBC

"Really enjoyed the course, instructor clearly explained everything. Lots relevant to my work so very useful."

Sophie Kelly

Liverpool City Council

"Manuals and exercise materials are excellent."

Tim Healey

Coventry City Council

"Really useful course and pitched at the level I anticipated. Thanks."

Jefferson Hardy

Leicestershire County Council

"Had a really good trainer - well paced and good explanations. Thanks!"

Jill Robinson


"Very good training and trainer. As someone who's barely seen SQL, I found the training very useful at grasping basic information. Have now got knowledge, just need to put into practice with help of the manual."

Emma Collins

London Borough of Newham

"Great materials; the trainer was very clear and comprehensive and made a dry subject enjoyable."

Hannah Cotgrave

Wirral Borough Council

"Very clear and well-structured/presented."

Rob Moore


"Very informative and useful - the trainer covered content specific to my companies needs."

Mike Young

APSE Manchester

"Very good informative course, well taught."

Paul Newton

Lincolnshire County Council

"I would like to say that I enjoyed the course very much and found it very informative. The trainer was incredibly professional and helped explain all the elements in the SSRS Course, ensuring that we fully understood each topic before moving on. I really liked the fact that the trainer explained multiple methods of achieving the same outcome in the use of SSRS as it helped us all to find what method was best suited for us. The course was really well structured and I didn’t feel rushed when completing the exercises, which were an added benefit as they allowed us to expand on the skills we were learning during the training. The course was beneficial to my personal development and I have already begun applying the training in my role. The supporting documents provided have also been great in helping me implement the training in practice."

Matt Hardy

Derbyshire County Council

"Excellent trainer and course."

Ramune Power

Rochdale MBC

"Excellent standard of material and very engaging trainer. Course manual to take away for future reference great bonus. I liked the number of available dates, course content and central location. The class size is the smallest I have come across."

Kerry Nicol

East Sussex County Council

"Course admin good with helpful maps and hotel suggestions appreciated. Love the course manual - good details and much better materials than other courses I've been on. Useful materials and USB stick to help consolidate. I was impressed with the resources on the Wise Owl website - in particular the videos are excellent."

Mary-Ann Forrest

Cotswold District Council

"Very useful and extremely worthwhile course. Excited to attend and now excited to put into practice what I have learned. I chose this course on a recommendation from someone who had already attended."

Sharon Weir

Northampton Borough Council

"Perfect balance between observation and practice. Manuals are much better than any other I have used."

Andrew Thorpe


"Our team is expanding and I only trust Wise Owl to deliver the training I enjoyed almost 18 months ago, as we have become really proficient with T-SQL and building reports in BIDS. We are building really interactive dashboards using SSRS, PowerPivot and SharePoint now."

Jigna Patel


"Course was brilliant and very helpful trainer. Was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you."

Marcio Franco

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

"I was very impressed with the course training, the small group size and the material that we covered. I benefitted from the trainer spending extra time going through the report grouping sessions and I will be using these and extra skills in my work. In future I may consider Integration Services and Advanced SQL."

Simon Young

Derbyshire County Council

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed the course."

Sophie Williamson

Lincolnshire County Council

"Excellent trainer and material. Venue perfect as right next to hotels and transport links."

David Gott

City of Lincoln Council

"Great course and very interesting, exercises and manuals will help for future reference. I heard about the course through word of mouth, website was easy to find after that."

Ashley Ellington

London Borough of Lambeth

"Manual & course covered a lot of interesting subjects and was easy to understand."

Matthew Gray

Lincolnshire County Council

"Good pace. The trainer was very helpful and patient."

Katherine Roscoe

Bolton MBC

"Learnt lots of useful things. Pace was just right."

Ruth Addison

Leeds City Council

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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