Technology (software, hardware and telecoms) sector - testimonials

Below are 52 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Technology and IT sector.

"A well delivered course with excellent content."

Tim Hodges

Symphony EYC

"Manuals are very useful to help when I actually have to do this every day."

Sean Wilkinson

Gamma Telecom Ltd

"Great course and materials once again."

Andy Cox

Sign On Systems Ltd

"The facilities were very good, especially lunch and the choice of coffee and snacks!"

Ian Greenwood

Oberthur Technologies UK Ltd.

"The Introduction to SQL course was really good, it covered all the basics and there was a wide range of examples shown by the trainer, as well as exercises from the Exercise booklet. The trainer was very knowledgeable in the subject and answered questions throughout the course on topics not covered on the course itself. On the Advanced SQL I really like how everything is explained and the trainer checking how everyone is getting on with exercises."

Zhang-Lei Rushton

Whitespace Work Software Ltd

"Good content, well presented."

Jonathan Hillman

Instem-LSS Ltd.

"Explanations and run through were thorough and humorous and entertaining."

Julie Truong

Symphony EYC

"Excellent overall: I feel a lot more enlightened. The tutor was really engaging and knowledgeable."

Paul Kedge

RS Components

"Fabulous. The course was delivered at a great pace with excellent equipment and I found the enthusiasm and friendliness of the trainer made me relax and enjoy the course – excellent. Being taken out for lunch was the icing on the cake."

Cressey - Helen Kyle

Siemens PLC

"The course was great and run very professionally."

Artur Wojtas

Oberthur Technologies UK Ltd.

"The course was very easy to follow and understand with good use of examples - very effective."

Karran Sharma

Stanton Allen Ltd

"Very well run course. Thank you."

Richard Grace

Emerson Process Management Ltd

"I found the course very helpful and the trainer spoke in a way everyone understood."

Sarah Kendall

Solution 1

"Excellent course, well presented and good speed of delivery. I have used SSRS for 12 months but still learned a lot."

Ian Jones

Daisy Group

"Course delivered in a very easy to understand manner, good content and manuals."

Siobhan McNulty

Hewlett Packard

"The trainer was excellent, made everything very understandable and was very friendly."

Brendan Callaghan

RS Components

"Very good course, extremely well presented and paced very well"

Andy Marsh

Daisy Group

"Admin good. Course and content pitched at a good level with plenty of examples to help with the comprehension of any difficult areas. The trainer's enthusiasm was catching and made the two days go really fast. His delivery is excellent and he is able to make his point quite clearly and with humour and patience!"

Yvonne Gayle

Kingston Technology Europe Ltd

"An excellent introduction to C#."

Rory Thomas

Oberthur Technologies UK Ltd.

"The trainer coped very well with the different ability levels and ran the day professionally and with humour. Very enjoyable."

Peter Heathman

Solution 1

"I really enjoyed the course and it covered everything I needed. Excellent course. The trainer is extremely capable, friendly and knowledgeable."

Deborah Pitt

Bond International Software (UK) Ltd

"A very good course with plenty of time for breaks and to ask questions."

Peter Thomas

Control Specialists Ltd

"I found this course (Excel VBA) very useful and enjoyed learning VBA for the first time."

David Cunningham


"An excellent SSAS training course, well delivered and supported with valuable resources. Highly recommended."

Jelili Alao

JO Informatics Ltd

"Great course - learnt a lot - will recommend."

Dave Robertson


"Everything all good. Well prepared and well explained."

Lawrence Pearse

Useful Data

"Hope all is well and you had a great weekend. I attended your SQL Report Writing class last week. Wanted to say thank you for teaching it in such a great, straight forward way. I have already written my first report (see attached) – geek fest! ? Thanks again, you are a fantastic trainer. Engaging, personable, and very knowledgeable. Awesome! "

Megan Walker

Bond International Software (UK) Ltd

"Great to see a well written manual, with lots examples. The trainer is very knowledgeable and friendly - will definitely be back."

Steve Jones

Codeweavers Ltd

"An excellent course! I will recommend Wise Owl to other colleagues."

Garima Malhotra

IRIS Software Group Ltd.

"The training was very clear and easy to follow. I have learnt a lot over the two days and have picked up the ideas quickly thanks to the very good training."

Lewis Cromby

NCC Group SDLC Ltd

"A really useful course which was broken down in to bite size chunks Making it easy to use and understand. I now have no worries in performing basic tasks with Excel and I look forward to developing my skills even more."

C J Micallef


"Good course, really nice to have an extensive guide to come away with for future reference. Good pace & great to have a small class so free to ask questions."

Nick Stringle

IBM Business Consulting Services

"Really useful and interesting."

Rebecca King


"Good course materials to take away and expand on my learning by myself."

Marc Lane

Oberthur Technologies UK Ltd.

"An excellent, interactive course and the training was just what I was hoping for."

Kevin Cheston


"Very good presentation of course content, well delivered with practical examples to work through during sessions. Small classes sizes and central location definite an asset with decent lunches a massive bonus! Looking forward to the next course. "

Jennifer Alexander


"I loved the course pace and content. Everything was explained at a good pace, was very informative and beneficial. I really enjoyed it!"

Kate Adewale

Dreams IT Consultants Ltd

"The course tutor has a very engaging teaching style and enabled tricky subject matters to seem logical. He has opened up SQL to someone confused by it for a long time. A colleague recommended the course to me."

Brett Lefley

Telstra Global

"A very well written, paced and presented course. The small class size meant that discussing examples relevant to my own work was not a problem."

Peter Spiby

4C Software

"Enjoyed the course and very valuable for me. Would certainly consider Wise Owl again."

Paul Shepherd

Supernova IT Ltd

"The content of the course suited our requirements very well and we all came away with very detailed and useful course manuals."

Tristan Diett

Oberthur Technologies UK Ltd.

"The course was brilliant and gave me a lot more than I was expecting. The trainer was excellent and was very willing to repeat the action / explanation again if you did not quite understand."

Samantha Whiley

Solution 1

"Love the exercises, so can practice away from the centre."

Harry Rogers


"The trainer was very energetic and concise. The course content was informative and interesting and the course delivery was excellent. Overall, I was very impressed and would highly recommend Wise Owl."

Kirsty Anne Rae

Anite Secure Information Solutions Ltd.

"Perfectly detailed manuals. Friendly, approachable trainer. Another company let me down twice then I was informed of Wise Owl."

Chris Dornan


"Excellent presentation, together with really well put together exercises using the lessons taught. Great course material and very thorough on each subject."

Lee McGough

Oberthur Technologies UK Ltd.

"All content was appropriate to the course, which was well structured. It is also a bonus that you get to keep all your course materials. "

Ryan Allen-McKenna

ChessTelecom Limited

"A very useful course. It matched expectations and was easy to follow with good quality documentation. The USB stick given to each delegate is a nice touch."

Tim Coleman


"10 out of 10. This is the highest score I've ever given any training. Thanks and well done."

Andrew Hardy

Able Systems Ltd

"The best thing about the course for me was that the trainer was really flexible and we could learn what we needed, rather than what he wanted to teach us."

Chris Torr

Oberthur Technologies UK Ltd.

"Excellent venue and facilities. The course content was excellent and trainer was incredibly patient with very clear instructions."

Jane Bott

Emerson Process Management Ltd

"This was an excellent (tailored Excel Advanced) course - probably the most useful that I have attended in the last few years!"

Martin Pearson

Pioneer Technology (UK)

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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