Media (advertising, TV, radio and publishing) sector - testimonials

Below are 22 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Media, PR, advertising, marketing sector.

"Very well designed course and delivered excellently by the trainer, who was very helpful and enthusiastic. The option to save the course content means I can continue to get value from what was covered."

Assumpta O'Brien


"Course was really good, very useful. Trainer was really friendly and knowledgeable. He took time to explain any questions in detail."

Richard Antony

TNS Global

"Good level of content, very well paced and covered a lot in the time available."

Alan Hirst


"The course was extremely useful being tailored to our needs and using our own data. The trainer was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend Wise Owl to others."

Anna Mansi

UK Film Council

"Excellent coverage of the subject in a logical way. Questions were dealt with efficiently. The course (recommended by work colleagues) is delivered in a light-hearted way but you still feel like you learn a lot. It is the personal approach that gives you an element of flexibility, whilst still covering all the subjects."

Chris Rees

Linney Group Ltd

"Excellent documentation of both the exercises and the course manual. Well structured content - each topic followed on from the next to build our knowledge."

Neil Cullum


"The course was pitched at just the right level and the trainer's natural training style kept the subject matter fresh. A great course."

Ian Marsland

Trader Media Group

"Really enjoyed the course and loved going out for lunch. I thought the course was very well organised and the setting exceeded my expectation with tea, coffee, snacks and sweets and then being taken out for lunch was a real bonus. The content of the course and Tutor were also great. Thanks."

Kelly Hall

Linney Group Ltd

"Excellent. Well linked lessons creating repetition of earlier skills. (Was recommended to me by a colleague who came to your course in 2012.)"

Simon Borland

Immediate Media Co

"Excellent information and content in manuals and handbook. Found the trainer very helpful, easy to understand and has very good knowledge. This course was recommended to me by a colleague."

Sabina Yasmin


"I thought the course was excellent and if the needs arise I will certainly look to do the Advanced VBA course."

Andrew Glinwood

Downey & Co Ltd

"Good pace and explanations. Mix of exercises good too. I’m now booked in for the SSIS course in a few weeks, which is testament to the quality of the course!"

Steven Sharp

Penguin Random House Group Ltd

"Good pace and very clear. Good having small groups."

Amanda Green

Globe Business Publishing

"Great manuals! Very informative and well taught course."

Lisa Andronova


"Overall the course was excellent and has been very informative and helpful. I had limited SQL query experience before starting, now have a much more thorough understanding of how to use SQL and queries."

Dylan Scott


"Because of the small size of the group, I felt that I learnt an amazing amount, even though we went through it quickly. Much better."

Sharon Edwards

Trader Media Group

"Being able to take away course content on USB stick is good. Availability of examples and help on the Wise Owl website is also very good."

Paul Wheeler

Square Enix

"Great course. Straight to the point, plus very useful materials to take away."

Aidan Towers

CFH Creative Communications Ltd

"Really good course, a lot of good examples, knowledgeable trainer. Very glad to attend. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in SSIS and its capabilities. "

Aiste Luksyte

Gain Theory

"Forward thinking approach, is apparent from Wise Owl website."

Andy Taylor

Production Bureau Ltd

"Good course - well taught. I found we had a good pace and covered everything we hoped for."

Andrew Manning

Picsolve International Ltd

"Excellent all round and being deaf I've had no problems - many thanks! The on-line videos and tutorials are a huge help. "

Ebrahim Saleh

GMC Publications Ltd.

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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