Leisure, sport and holidays sector - testimonials

Below are 34 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Leisure sector.

"I just wanted to write an email to thank you formally for everything you’ve done for us with regards to the Weekly Revenue and MbyM Reports. For all your hard work, long hours & sheer determination when creating the reports in Reporting Services – outstanding!!! and then for two very professionally delivered training days. I am absolutely delighted with the system documentation, which surpassed my expectations, I’m confident that I understand the structure/concept of the reports. I was able to delete the row I mentioned & even managed to work out how to resolve a minor error – I think you put it there just to test me. The reports are now in place and are being circulated around and adding value across The Trust – success, hooray! If you ever need someone to provide a glowing reference, I am very happy to do so. I look forward to working with Wise Owl again. "

Faye Cowley

The Outward Bound Trust

"A very useful course. Many thanks."

Dan Small

British Cycling

"The course completely matched my expectations and the trainer was able to add extra sections to cover my needs. Perfect pace and now ready to make use of the learning."

Philip McDowell

Cosmos Holidays plc

"Interesting and useful course. Really enjoyed it!"

Magdalena Kawecka

Warner Bros Entertainment UK Ltd

"Really brought the subject matter to life. Energetic, funny, relevant, focused."

Martin Ward

Warner Bros Entertainment UK Ltd

"We had an excellent tutor; we covered a lot of material and he paced it just right."

Chris Murphy

Camping and Caravan Club

"Great course! The trainer was brilliant, helpful and friendly."

Chris Hamblin

Hotels.com - Expedia Inc

"Great content, really easy to follow and the exercises really helped to cement knowledge. The trainer was brilliant too; patient, knows his stuff and teaches really well."

Helene Cameron-Heslop

Hotels.com - Expedia Inc

"Well paced. Trainer ensured everyone understood content before progressing."

Lee Tosko

AB InBev

"Great planning and understanding of our specifics. Appreciate the time given to this. Content was great and well pitched at the group. Brilliant manual and support throughout. Great that all equipment was provided and set up, so was very straightforward. Thank you!"

Emma Burnell

The Outward Bound Trust

"The trainer was very helpful and made the course very relevant to the Excel reports we use and how we could improve our procedures."

Deborah Cousin

The Outward Bound Trust

"Excellent trainer and course content. Very comprehensive. Thoroughly enjoyed the course!"

Sarah Boran

Birmingham Hippodrome

"I cannot believe how much was covered in the time we had - it was fantastic. I never thought I would be in a position to design and build a new website in just three days but I really feel confident that I can. I have just learnt so much useful stuff that I would never have got from just reading manuals or by trial and error. It's been worth every penny."

Martin Grund

Leeds Film

"Great content and instruction. Liked the interactive nature of the course."

Alex Simmons

Hotels.com - Expedia Inc

"Enjoyable & informative course - great introduction, set at exactly the right level & pace for me. Useful & well laid out resources also."

Cat Munro

Live Nation (Music) UK Limited

"A great course which was well presented ..... with a great lunch."

Charlie Evans

British Cycling

"Good content and very enthusiastic trainer. Decent location and good lunch."

Simon Heath

Bourne Leisure Ltd

"Easy to approach trainer. Clear teaching style. Helpful manuals and exercises. Good level of breaks. Trainer adapted examples to help us in our workplace."

Hatice Mehmet

Warner Bros Entertainment UK Ltd

"A great course which I really enjoyed (amazing for me as I hate computers and tech!). The trainer made if fun and light with a good tempo and very good standard of tuition. I will recommend the course to others."

Stewart Kellett

Sport England

"Useful manuals, with very full detail and easy to follow. The trainer tailored the course to our needs which was great."

Donna Fowles

The Outward Bound Trust

"The trainer was very thorough and I felt that I got a lot out of the course."

Daren Guest


"Very well structured course, and run at a very good, attentive pace. Will definitely be booking a follow up course in future (Intro to SQL). Very well structured course, well adapted to the needs and abilities of the delegates (SSRS)."

Gary McIsaac

Live Nation (Music) UK Limited

"Very good website and good advice on the phone too, when I originally called to discuss."

Neil Smith

Sport England

"Good pace, knowledgeable tutor."

Bruce Moyes

Merlin Entertainments

"Good content and detail in work book."

Tracy Crombie

Aston Villa Football Club

"Manuals very good, full of info and easy to follow. Course content was specific to our needs."

Joan Walls

The Outward Bound Trust

"Very clear, well communicated and structured course. Was a complete beginner and now feel like I have a decent understanding and working knowledge. Highly recommend this course! (Recommendation to me came from a colleague.)"

Steph Lett

Live Nation (Music) UK Limited

"I found the formula information really useful. A really flexible course - it was good being able to discuss and choose the topics of most importance to us."

Melanie Knowles

British Cycling

"Thank you - I enjoyed this which amazed me! I hope to apply what I have learned."

Judith Greenburgh

Birmingham Hippodrome

"Really enjoyed the course, great trainer with depth of knowledge. Thanks a lot!"

David Nye

Hotels.com - Expedia Inc

"Kept interesting and enjoyable by using various different examples in a really hands on, easy to understand way. All with the manual for later reference."

Neal Wallwork

The Noble Organisation

"Very good instructor, fantastic material, great pace - all very clear and concise. "

Michael Drayson

Hotels.com - Expedia Inc

"Very good course content and trainer, great venue."

Philip Goudal

Southbank Centre

"Very clear and interesting training. Very enjoyable! Didn't want London and fewer candidate numbers appealed!"

Sue McGrath


Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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