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SSIS Training

Integration Services (2 days)

£695 + VAT for most venues (£795 + VAT for London)

SQL Server Integration Services (often abbreviated to SSIS) allows you to automate the import, export and conversion of data. Whether you want to fill your data warehouse each evening with that day's transactions (whatever they may be) - or simply learn how SSIS fits into the wider SQL Server picture - this course is for you!

Refreshingly, the course doesn't use any large, impenetrable Microsoft database, but instead uses a simple Wise Owl one, and the exercises use simulated examples of real-life tasks.

Course details

  • Locations for Integration Services coursesLocations:London, Manchester
  • Next Integration Services course locationNext course:Tue 24 January 2017
  • Integration Services course timesTime:09.30-16.30

Course Contents

SSIS basics

  • Training topicSolutions and projects
  • Training topicBasic packages
  • Training topicTwo ways to run packages

Data flow tasks

  • Training topicConnection managers
  • Training topicSources and destinations
  • Training topicExcel, OLEDB and flat files

Data transformations

  • Training topicSorting and aggregating
  • Training topicFully and partially blocking
  • Training topicSampling data

Data viewers

  • Training topicAttaching data viewers
  • Training topicUsing dead-end destinations


  • Training topicThe Row Count transform
  • Training topicSystem variables
  • Training topicChanging scope


  • Training topicExpression syntax
  • Training topicData types and casting
  • Training topicConditional split transforms
  • Training topicDerived column transforms

Lookup transforms

  • Training topicFull and partial caching
  • Training topicRedirecting unmatched rows
  • Training topicCache Connection Managers


  • Training topicFour types of container
  • Training topicBasic FOR loops

Foreach loops

  • Training topicLooping over files
  • Training topicLooping over records
  • Training topicOther foreach loops


  • Training topicScript tasks
  • Training topicScript components
  • Training topicThe variable dispenser

Controlling flow

  • Training topicPrecedence constraints
  • Training topicEvent-handling

Managing errors

  • Training topicRedirecting and ignoring errors
  • Training topicDealing with truncations

Covered if time allows If time

Overview of logging

  • Training topicLogging to text files
  • Training topicLogging to SQL Server


  • Training topicProject-level deployment
  • Training topicCreating an SSIS Catalog

Parameters and environments

  • Training topicPackage and project parameters
  • Training topicCreating and using environments

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Sample customer feedback

"Really useful course and pitched at the level I anticipated. Thanks."

Jefferson Hardy (Leicestershire County Council)

"Brilliant, just have to apply it now!"

David Gruby (Bury College)

"Absolutely brilliant. Great content. The trainer is very knowledgeable and friendly. He knew the ins and outs of SSIS and was able to show the product to great effect in a very short period of time. The facilities are modern and with the seemingly unlimited amount of tea available, I was certainly kept refreshed! I will continue to use Wise Owl for my CPD needs! "

Johan Kangasniemi (Oldham MBC)

"Brilliant course again."

Chris Kellett (Pegler Yorkshire)

"I saw the excellent tutorials of Wise Owl on the web and that prompted me to do a course."

Emma Charles (Holman Fenwick Willan)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

You must have a basic understanding of SQL and SQL Server to attend this course (you don't need to be a rocket scientist; just be able to navigate your way round a SELECT statement).  This course uses SQL Server 2012 (although if you're using 2014 you'll find it just as useful, as there are virtually no differences between the versions).

If you're using SQL Server 2008 R2 you should be aware that there are differences between the versions, but it is our opinion that 80-90% of the course will still be useful.  Alternatively, you could consider booking onsite training in SSIS 2008 R2 (or even 2005!).

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