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Thoughts on working with SSIS 2008 and SSIS 2012

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 March 2014 | no comments
Some thoughts and advice to those who have to shuffle between versions 2012 and 2008 of Integration Services.
Tags:   SSIS / General SSIS

How to enable compatibility mode in Internet Explorer

Posted by Andy Brown on 06 March 2014 | no comments
This short blog shows how to get round a compatibility mode problem with the skills assessment site.
Tags:   Musings / Random musings
This blog provides the SQL, C# and VB script needed for the Integration Services script components tutorial.
Tags:   SSIS / Scripting
You can use Visual Basic within Excel, PowerPoint or Word to draw shapes, format them and even assign macros to run - this long blog gives lots of ideas of how to proceed!
Tags:   Excel / Excel Visual Basic   |   VBA macros / General
You can use VBA to extract data from web pages, either as whole tables or by parsing the underlying HTML elements. This blog shows you how to code both methods (the technique is often called "web-scraping").
Tags:   Excel / Excel Visual Basic   |   VBA macros / General

Getting the Calendar control to work in Excel 2010 onwards

Posted by Andy Brown on 13 January 2014 | no comments
The calendar control for user forms is built into versions of Excel up to 2007, but has to be imported for later versions - this blog shows how to do this!
Tags:   Excel / Excel Visual Basic   |   VBA macros / User forms

The new brand for Wise Owl Business Solutions

Posted by Andy Brown on 10 January 2014 | no comments
As the first part of a complete rebranding, you may start seeing our new logo appearing on stationery and pages of our website. Here's a preview of it!
Tags:   Musings / Random musings

Access 2013 - an overview of the new web app feature

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 January 2014 | 1 comment
Access 2013 will still look familiar to existing Access users, but it now includes the facility to develop and publish web applications. This blog explains the thinking behind Microsoft's radical move.

A review of Power View, including examples of use

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 January 2014 | no comments
Power View is an Excel or SharePoint add-in which allows you to create quick and interactive dashboard reports, with built-in drill-down. This blog considers whether you're missing a trick if you don't know how to use Power View.
Tags:   Excel / PowerPivot   |   PowerPivot/DAX / General

How to use environment variables like USERNAME in VBA

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 November 2013 | no comments
You can get at all sorts of system information within Visual Basic for Applications by using environment variables - this blog shows you how to get at your user's name, computer name and much more besides.
Tags:   Excel / Excel Visual Basic   |   VBA macros / General

How to loop over enumerations in VBA

Posted by Andy Brown on 07 November 2013 | no comments
A short blog explaining how to use Visual Basic for Applications to loop over enumerations.

Using the RANKX function in PowerPivot DAX measures

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 November 2013 | no comments
The RANKX function works out where a measure lies in order for any dimension, but it has a couple of gotchas to watch out for, as this blog explains.
Tags:   PowerPivot/DAX / DAX
Range names can have either worksheet or workbook scope - this blog shows how to make sure that you're referring to the right range names!
Tags:   Excel / Formulae

How to get row labels for a pivot table group to repeat

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 November 2013 | no comments
A short blog showing how to stop Excel hiding duplicate values for pivot table groups.

A blog showing how to use the SUMPRODUCT function

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 November 2013 | no comments
The SUMPRODUCT function is one of the hardest ones to understand in Excel, but it's also pretty useful. This blog gives clear examples of how to use SUMPRODUCT for conditional sums, weighted averages and the like.
Tags:   Excel / Excel functions
SQL Server 2012 introduces new functions to find the previous or subsequent value for a row, without using a complicated self-join. This blog explains how to use LAG and LEAD, including partitioning row sets.
Tags:   SQL / Calculations   |   SQL Server 12 / SQL 2012
Writing SQL in Management Studio could, Wise Owl feel, be made a little easier: here are 10 practical suggestions for how!
Tags:   SQL / General

A previous blog showed how to get Excel to speak to you; this one shows how to change the voice in which it does it!

Tags:   Excel / General
Deep within its bowels Excel contains a feature allowing it to read out the contents of cells (you can also get your VBA macros to talk to users). This blog goes to those deep places hidden within Excel!
Tags:   VBA macros / Excel Visual Basic   |   Excel / General
This blog shows how to conditionally hide, display or format parts of a report according to its render format (ie whether you're viewing it in Excel or not). The method used is slightly different between 2008 R2 and 2012.
Tags:   SSRS / Expressions   |   SQL Server 12 / SSRS 2012
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