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Software ==> WPF - Visual C#  (20 exercises)
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Topic ==> Resources  (3 exercises)
Level ==> Harder than average

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Create a new window called Diamond.  The aim of this exercise is to create a playing card, where the number and size of symbol can vary:

Small Ace of Diamonds Jack of diamonds, bigger
50% scaling of Ace 200% scaling of Jack

First create two window-level resources as follows:

  • a String data type resource called CardSymbol, initially set to A; and
  • a Double data type resource called SymbolReduction, initially set to 0.5.

Don't forget to reference the mscorlib namespace in your window, so the data types can work.

Now create a StackPanel within a Border (whose CornerRadius is set to 10, to produce the rounded corners), and put in this:

  • a label whose content should equal the CardSymbol resource value; and
  • a polygon with Points property equal to something like "20,0 0,20 20,40 40,20", and a ScaleTansform with ScaleX property set to the value of the SymbolReduction resource.

Try amending the resource values in your XAML, and check that you get different results as you would expect.

If you still have time, try combining styles and resources to get the core XAML of your window to be as clean as possible:

Clean XAML for window

This is what the answer looks like!


Close any windows you have open.

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