WPF - Visual C# | Drawing and transformations exercise | Create a polygon and rotate, translate and scale it

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Software ==> WPF - Visual C#  (20 exercises)
Version ==> Any version of WPF
Topic ==> Drawing and transformations  (1 exercise)
Level ==> Average difficulty

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Create a new form called Transformers (what else?), and create a polygon within it:

Polygon with radial gradient

The Points propert of the polygon contains a set of X,Y coordinate values.


Now put this in a WrapPanel (again, don't bother about the labels) and create the following transforms:

Transforms on polygon

The table below gives notes on what to do for each transform.

Here are the transforms to create:

Shape Transforms
2nd shape A layout transform, rotating the polygon with an Angle property of 45 degrees.
3rd shape A render transform consisting of a transformation group, containing scaling with ScaleX and ScaleY both set to 0.5 and translating with Y set to 150 (ie moving down).

Note that because the last transform is a render one, space is allocated to the polygon and then it's moved and scaled, so the shape lies on top of the text.

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