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Established May 1992
30 years in business
Wise Owl Training
30 years in business
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Save money and protect your training budget

There's so much to like about our pre-paid training vouchers!

  • You save up to 15% on all your Wise Owl training courses
  • Ring-fence your technical training budget
  • View reports of all of your Wise Owl spending online
  • Reclaim any unspent money at any time (subject to a handling fee)

There are 3 levels of pre-paid vouchers available:


  • Single payment of £5,000 to £9,999
  • Bookings against the voucher discounted by 5%


  • Single payment of £10,000 to £19,999
  • Bookings against the voucher discounted by 10%


  • Single payment of £20,000 or more
  • Bookings against the voucher discounted by 15%
Click on one of the questions below to see how our vouchers work!

How do I buy vouchers?

If you'd like to buy a pre-paid training voucher, please call, email or contact us online.

How do the discounts work?

Let's suppose you buy two vouchers:

  • A voucher for £6,000 (plus VAT); then
  • A voucher for £12,000 (plus VAT) a month later.

You book a suite of training courses for a total price of £20,000 plus VAT. We will always apply vouchers in the order in which they were purchased. In this example we would therefore calculate your invoice as follows:

Voucher Discount Amount covered Left to pay
£6,000.00 5% (bronze) £6,315.79 £13,684.21
£12,000.00 10% (bronze) £13,333.33 £350.88

We would therefore invoice you for £350.88 (+ VAT), giving you a total saving in this case of £1,649.12, or 8.25%.

Do I need to pay VAT on vouchers

Because we're raising an invoice we will have to charge VAT on pre-payment vouchers (unless you're exempt from VAT), although obviously you'll be able to reclaim this as normal.

What happens to unused vouchers?

It's up to you! Our vouchers have no expiry date, so you can roll them forward from one financial year to the next without charge (indeed, without doing anything: this will happen automatically).

You can at any time reclaim any unspent amount from pre-paid vouchers, subject to a 10% handling fee. Using the example from above, suppose that you've bought a voucher for £10,000 plus VAT, but only used it to book three courses for £2,900 plus VAT each. You realise you're not going to need the outstanding amount and ask us to refund it. Here's how we'll calculate the balance to be repaid (all figures net of VAT):

Event Amount After discount Balance
Voucher bought £10,000.00   £10,000.00
3 courses @ £2,900 each (£8,700.00) (£8,265.00) £1,735.00
Handling fee: 10% (£173.50)   £1,561.50

So for this example you would receive a credit note for £1,561.50 plus VAT (interestingly, even after this you would still have saved £261.50 on your training). Note that we won't do partial refunds (it would just be too complicated to handle in our system).

What reports can I get?

You can log on to your private account on our website at any time to see a summary of what you've spent. Here's an example to give you a flavour:

Summary of account

A sample voucher report

Any other terms and conditions I should know about?

Only one. The COVID pandemic has proved that it's impossible to predict the future, so we reserve the right at any time to refund any unused vouchers in full should it prove necessary. We've been in business nearly 30 years and plan to be around for at least another 30 more, so we think it's unlikely this clause will ever be needed ... but just in case!

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