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Visual Basic consultancy and software development

For many years Visual Basic (and specifically VB.NET) has been our preferred programming language (until we finally made the move over to C# for our new website).

Wombat classes

A small sample of the classes in our beloved Wombat internal CRM system.


Incidentally, if you're wondering whether to use VB or C# for your new system, our penn'orth is that VB is better but despite that you should choose C#.

The systems that we can help you create in VB include:

System Notes
Websites Corporate intranets or external websites, whether using ASP.NET webforms or the newer ASP.NET MVC.
Windows systems Forms-based systems to run over your network, whether built with old-fashioned WinForms or the newer WPF.

One of the great benefits of using Wise Owl for software development is that we've had 25+ years of training people, so we know exactly what makes a system easy to use.  Send us an outline of what you want to do, and we'll try to help!

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