Visual Basic training courses | VB.NET training

We run training courses for VB in WPF, WinForms and as a programming language in its own right, using Visual Studio as a development environment.

Visual Basic classroom training

VB classroom training

We run the following VB training courses:

Can't see the course you want? Have a look at our onsite Visual Basic training page.

Not sure which course you want? We've put together a page explaining what you can hope to learn from our VB courses.

Other Visual Basic training (and consultancy) resources

Visual Basic courseware

Sample VB course manuals to download

You can see for yourself what our courseware is like by downloading one of the following sample chapters:

Visual Basic training venues

VB training venues

You can learn VB in the following Wise Owl venues (or arrange a course at your own office):

Visual Basic exercises

Try our VB exercises

Want to test out your VB skills? Try one of our many online Visual Basic exercises:

Visual Basic consultancy

Consultancy and software development in VB

Whether you want to create a website, a forms-based system or just have a particularly difficult program you need to write, Wise Owl software development provides an alternative to training a member of staff internally:

Visual Basic blogs

Blogs on VB

Whether you're just starting to learn VB or you'd consider yourself a guru, there'll be something in the following blogs to help you:

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