We're excited to announce that from 14th April we'll be running live online training courses too!
From 14th April we'll be running live online training courses too!

Visual Basic Training Courses

We run two training courses for VB (sometimes cxalled Visual Basic, or even VB.NET) using Visual Studio as a development environment.

Visual Basic classroom training

Visual Basic classroom training

We run the following VB training courses:

Can't see the course you want? Have a look at our onsite Visual Basic training page, or see our other Visual Basic training resources.

Not sure which course you want? See what you can learn on one of our Visual Basic courses.

Which is the right Visual Basic course for you?

Visual Basic is a language which goes by 3 different names: Visual Basic itself, VB or VB.NET.  We'll refer to it as VB below for brevity.

It'ss probably only fair to mention at this point that although we think VB is a better programming language than C#, it's C# which seems to be dominating.

Our two-day introduction to VB course will teach you how to create variables like this:

'create a variable and store a value

Dim BestLanguage As String = "VB"

You'll also learn how to create simple loops:

'count how many owls there are

Dim OwlNumber As Integer

For OwlNumber = 1 To MaxOwls

'do something here


As well as more complicated ones:

Public Sub CountOwls()

'create a list of owls

Dim owls As New List(Of String)

'add a few




'list out the results

For Each owl In owls

'do something to each owl here


End Sub

The course will also show you how to:

  • Manipulate files and folders;
  • Debug programs that are going wrong; and
  • If time allows, create basic classes.

By contrast our two-day intermediate VB course will concentrate on two things:

Area Notes
Classes You can't program in .NET without understanding what classes are, and how to use them.  It's not an easy concept to get used to, but this course aims to set you on journey from which you'll never want to look back!
LINQ The course shows how to use the LINQ programming language to get data from SQL Server databases, lists and many other data sources, by first building an entity framework model.

Although not listed elsewhere on this website, we'll also consider requests for advanced VB training or consultancy.

10 things our Visual Basic courses include

Each of our scheduled courses includes:

  1. Small course sizes - we have a maximum of 6 people on each course, and frequently run courses with fewer delegates.
  2. A trainer! And not just anyone - our courses are only ever given by full-time Wise Owls (our average feedback scores are in the range 9.2 to 9.8 out of 10).
  3. Full colour courseware and exercises of oustanding quality (download a sample Visual Basic courseware chapter to judge this claim for yourself) .
  4. A no cancellation guarantee (once you've booked/confirmed training, it will run).
  5. A computer for each delegate (obviously).
  6. Lunch out each day at a local restaurant (chosen on the day of the course, after discussion!).
  7. Unlimited refreshments during the day, including Tassimo or Nespresso coffee and a range of biscuits and snacks to keep you going through those dark afternoon hours.
  8. A one gigabyte USB stick, containing course files, answers to exercises and (by the end of the course) your answers too, together with a Sheaffer biro.
  9. Unofficial help after the course (although we don't have a dedicated post-course support line, in practice trainers will be happy to answer the odd ad hoc question after a course has taken place).
  10. A certificate sent out digitally or in paper form (your choice) after each course, together with (for online courses) the trainer's thoughts on how the course went.

Have a look at our full list of benefits, or read hundreds of testimonials to the quality of our training.

Other Visual Basic training resources

Visual Basic exercises

Try our Visual Basic exercises

Want to test out your VB skills? Try one of our many online Visual Basic exercises:

Visual Basic courseware

Visual Basic courseware manuals

You can see for yourself what our courseware is like by downloading one of the following sample chapters:

Visual Basic blogs

Blogs on Visual Basic

Whether you're just starting to learn VB or you'd consider yourself a guru, there'll be something in the following blogs to help you:

Visual Basic consultancy

Visual Basic consultancy

Whether you want to create a website, a forms-based system or just have a particularly difficult program you need to write, Wise Owl software development provides an alternative to training a member of staff internally:

Visual Basic training venues

Visual Basic training venues

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