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Added by alsopresent on 06 Jan 2017 at 18:37

Great blog. However, I think the following area is inaccurate (at least using BIDS for SSRS 2008 R2).

"Note that even with the rows hidden you still get two blank rows appearing at the top of the Excel spreadsheet.  Not everything in life is perfect!"

Actually, the rows will not appear on the Excel spreadsheet if you set the Hidden property by right-clicking the row and selecting Row Visibility. The method you described in the blog sets the Hidden property of the individual textboxes.

"Bizarrely, you can't change the property of multiple objects in SSRS by right-clicking."

Yep. What a pain! However, right-clicking and setting visibility individually is your only option if you want a row, column, or group to completely go away. Also of note: if you hide a row with an expression, when you select the entire row, the Hidden property will still appear to be False in the properties window. This is because the properties window is showing all of the common properties of the selected textboxes. Thus, you can't tell which rows, columns, or groups have visibility expressions at a glance.