Exercise: Selecting celeb marriage data using END

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Category ==> Excel VBA Macros  (37 exercises)
Topic ==> Selecting cells  (8 exercises)
Level ==> Average difficulty
Course ==> Excel VBA macros
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Create a macro called SelectWeddingBlock (not a euphemism, just a reference to a block of data), and insert the following code:

Excel VBA Macros exercise - Selecting cells (image 1)

This macro will select the cell shown in yellow below (ie the one below the cell containing the word BRIDE)

Run this macro - you should see that it selects Britney Spears in cell B4.

Now amend your macro so that it selects all of the brides (no matter how many there might be) using the END keyword:

Excel VBA Macros exercise - Selecting cells (image 2)

Your macro should select from the active cell down to the bottom of the block

Finally, amend your macro so that it selects all of the marriage data (from Britney down and across):

Excel VBA Macros exercise - Selecting cells (image 3)

Select the range of cells with the active cell at the top left, where the bottom right corner is obtained by going down from this to the bottom of the block and then across to the right

Save this file as Select marriage data, then close it down.

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