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30 years in business
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The different Wise Owl courses for Visual Basic explained

We've been training on Visual Basic and its predecessors for many years now (and secretly prefer it to C#, although we also recognise we might be fighting a losing battle). 

For much more about our Visual Basic training, see the VB part of this website.

Visual Basic programming

Our two-day Introduction to Visual Basic course will show how you to write code like this:

Public Shared Function RandomNumber(ByRef r As Random, ByVal MinNumber As Integer, ByVal MaxNumber As Integer) As Integer

'initialize random number generator

'if numbers the wrong way round, swap them

If MinNumber > MaxNumber Then

Dim i As Integer = MinNumber

MinNumber = MaxNumber

MaxNumber = i

End If

'get the next random number

Dim ThisNumber As Integer = r.Next(MinNumber, MaxNumber + 1)

If ThisNumber = MaxNumber + 1 Then

Return MaxNumber


Return ThisNumber

End If

End Function

This sample code was taken from our internal system Wombat, which governs pretty much every aspect of our life at the owlery, and is written entirely in Visual Basic.

We also have a two-day Intermediate VB course, for those who have mastered the basics and want to learn about things like VB classes and LINQ.

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