Hotel suggestions for Wise Owl courses in London

We don't really give out hotel recommendations, but we can give you suggestions for places to stay.

We don't have any commercial connection with the hotels listed on these pages, nor do we receive any favour or discount from them.

Probably the best choice

You can't beat a Premier Inn (we should know - we've stayed in a few).  There's a new one opened in Aldgate - see it here.  Google gives this as 10 minutes' walk away from Devonshire House, our London venue, but it may take you 12 unless you know the shortest route.  Why do we like Premier Inns so much?

Advantages Notes
Quiet The newer ones (of which this is one) tend to have almost completely soundproofed rooms.
Room size London hotel rooms can be poky - Premier Inn rooms are usually much more generous in size.
Comfy beds Lenny Henry is right about this in the advertisements!

Cheap and Functional

It's not in a fantastic area, but the IBIS just next to Aldgate East tube station usually has very good rates (here's the website address).  It's also about 10 minutes' walk from the hotel to our training venue just near Liverpool Street.

In any IBIS hotel you get a perfectly functional hotel room, if smallish, with a self-contained shower cubicle.  There's a restaurant in the hotel which does OK meals. 

For some reason IBIS seems to rely almost exclusively on French labour (it is a French chain).

Nearest to the Venue

One of our trainers always stays at the Travelodge about 5 minutes' walk away from our training centre.  It's recently been refurbished, but at the end of the day it's still a Travelodge.

There is a Haz restaurant in Cutler St. almost outside the hotel which does pretty good Middle Eastern style meals.

Other options

If none of the above is for you, is (we find) the best site for finding hotels.  If you limit your search to places with a rating of 8.0 or above you're unlikely to go far wrong.

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