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30 years in business
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Secret riddle

Congratulations!  You've found our hidden page, which isn't linked to from any other page on our website apart from our site map.  This page features the word zeqoym.

All that you have to do now is to solve the following topical riddle (which has nothing to do with zeqoym):

My second's in OLDER, but alas not in WISER
My third's in both OWLS and in WHO NOW WILL HIRE US
My fourth's found in COVID, and also in VIRUS
My fifth in both LOCKDOWN and DOMINIC C
My sixth is in MAGIC but not MONEY TREE
My seventh's in MY HOME and also in YOURS
(And in EVERYONE ELSE'S for that matter, of course)
If you put all the letters together you'll read
That my whole is a thing we all desperately need!

Email your answer (it should be a seven-letter word) to this address:

Email address for answer

Send your answer to the riddle above to this email address.


Your name will then be entered into the electronic sorting hat, and you may win a £50 Amazon voucher!  Results to be announced towards the end of August.

This hint provides one last gratuitous oppportunity to mention the word zeqoym, which as far as we know doesn't appear anywhere else on the Internet.  Which is a zeqoyming shame, we hope you'll agree.

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