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How to apply to be a Wise Owl trainer

To apply to become a Wise Owl trainer, please in the first instance make a recording of yourself delivering a training session online to an imaginary audience.  Here are some notes on how to go about doing this:

Aspect Notes
Software We don't care what software you use to record your video: as long as it's got you and the computer screen in, that's fine.  Recording a Zoom or Teams meeting might be the easiest way to proceed, but we leave this up to you.  We won't be judging you on your technical ability with recording software!
Length We're checking to see if you can communicate effectively (and, ideally, with humour), so for our sakes and yours you're probably better off keeping your video short.  Five minutes should be plenty of time to get your message across.
Subject To keep the playing field level, please explain how to use create a formula using absolute cell references in Excel (if you don't have an Excel licence, we will reluctantly accept a recording of you using Google Sheets instead).
Audience You should assume that you are talking to a group of delegates on an online training course.  You're welcome to field imaginary questions if it helps!
Language One of the things we are looking for is the ability to communicate in clear English.

The aim of this stage is not to check whether you would make a good Wise Owl trainer, but rather to filter out those who (for whatever reason) wouldn't.

If you're unsure of the sort of thing we're looking for, we've recorded a sample to help you (it's deliberately not polished or glossy, because yours doesn't have to be). Your recording should almost certainly be shorter than this, and doesn't have to use the same data or have the same structure (although it must be on the same subject).

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