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Your Presentation/Training Interview

Applicants for our Trainee IT Trainer job proceeding to the final stage will be invited to an informal interview and mini-presentation/training session. For this we ask you to prepare a 15-minute presentation where you teach a small group of us how to complete a simple task in a Microsoft application. Up to four owls (but probably less) will all be sat at individual desks with a Windows PC (not Macs) each to mimic one of our training courses. We would like candidates to prepare a training session that follows this early morning training session:

  • Assume that this is the first day of a one-day Excel Introduction course.
  • We started the day with familiarisation of the screen layout and using the keyboard and mouse to move around., then we covered entering and editing text and numbers in cells and selecting cells.
  • Finally we ended the first morning session with how to save, close, open and re-save a workbook.

Note that this is a very untypical Wise Owl course; most of our training is considerably more advanced than this!

We would like you to prepare the next follow-on session to the same group:

  • Introduce a small example worksheet that involves creating some formulae.
  • Show us how to create a basic formula, how to copy formulae to other cells and how to edit formulae.
  • Explain all the arithmetic operators that might be needed in a formula.
  • Show us how to use the AutoSum tool to create totals and explain the structure of all functions.

There will be a projector and trainer's laptop available (bring any pre-prepared files on a USB memory stick), a whiteboard to project onto and either a flip-chart or magic whiteboard sheet on the wall, along with board pens for writing any instructions/content. Please do use the board as we would like to see your board writing skills!

We are looking for confidence, humour, liveliness, clarity of explanations and a well thought-out logical structure as well as a good knowledge of the subject. If things do not go as expected, do not worry! Just show us that you can handle the unexpected in a calm, professional manner. 

If you are no longer interested in the post of IT trainer with Wise Owl, we ask kindly that you contact us rather than just not turning up to an appointment, as we have to withdraw our staff from fee-earning training and other duties to run the interviews.

If there is anything you would like to ask about the company or the presentation interview, please do contact Jenny.

We thank you for your interest in joining the Wise Owl team, and look forward to meeting you!

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