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The different Wise Owl courses for .NET explained

To help you choose a .NET training course, here are some thoughts on which programming language you should choose.

Visual Basic or Visual C#

A thorny question!  We're absolutely convinced that it's easier to program in VB than in C#, and have blogged extensively about this (here and here, for example). However, the sad fact is that C# has won the war.

Although it's easier to program in VB, both languages fundamentally do the same thing.  If you're new to programming and wondering which language to learn, we've changed our views over time and would now recommend C#.

To help you decide, here's a sample of each language.  First, some code in C#:

private int addNumbers(int firstNum, int secondNum)


// variable to hold the sum

int total = firstNum + secondNum;

// return a value from this variable

return total;


Now here's exactly the same code in VB:

Private Function AddNumbers(FirstNum As Integer, SecondNum As Integer) As Integer

'variable to hold the sum

Dim Total As Integer = FirstNum + SecondNum

'return a value from this variable

Return Total

End Function

This shows the main differences: VB is more verbose, but it's also easier to read (and also - crucially - VB isn't case-sensitive).

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