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Here's a job advertisement you'll never see:

Wanted - VB or C# programmer - experience not important, but must have degree in fine arts.

Wise Owl have been writing systems in .NET for over ten years now, and have built up enviable expertise. Here's a matrix giving our areas of expertise:

Areas of .NET expertise

Good (*), Very good (**), Guru (***)

We think the best advertisement for our .NET consultancy is this website:

Sample website page

It's all very well knowing how to program, but systems are used by humans!

We can help you with any stage of the software development process:

Stage Notes
Specification With a background in consultancy and 20+ years of experience of building software systems, we can help you draw up a detailed document explaining what your system will - and will not - do.
Design With our long background in making software accessible we can plan out how to make your new system friendly and easy to use.
Build For large projects overseas contractors will be cheaper, but for small- and medium-sized projects you can take advantage of our .NET programming expertise, knowing that you'll get a well-planned system which is easy to maintain.
Release As our courseware shows, we write mean documentation, and we're also not bad at training ...

Let us know what you're trying to achieve, and we'll see if we can help (and we won't pester).

One caveat: we're quite fussy about who we'll work for, and in particular we're looking for clients with realistic expectations about what software can and can't achieve.  If you think Independence Day is a realistic guide to how software works, please ignore the link above!

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