We're excited to announce that from 14th April we'll be running live online training courses too!
From 14th April we'll be running live online training courses too!

Changes to Wise Owl training during the COVID-19 period

From our point of view, the current criss has given us a chance to re-evaluate what we do, leading to two new product offerings.

We will of course resume running our classroom training courses as soon as we are legally able to do so, albeit with additional health measures in place.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients and suppliers the best of health in these difficult times, and as much prosperity as the current partial shutdown allows.

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27 Mar 20 at 07:03

Hello Andrew,

what topic your online courses will cover, plus is it available for users outside UK??

27 Mar 20 at 10:10

Hi George,

Our live online courses will match the range of classroom courses that we currently offer, although there may be some slight differences in the specific topics we cover.

To begin with, we’ll be running online courses for our clients who were due to attend a classroom course but can no longer do so due to the current restrictions in the UK.

We plan to offer these courses to a wider audience soon and, yes, that includes users outside the UK!

I hope that helps!