Picking the right Microsoft BI course for you

Wise Owl reckon that you work in Business Intelligence or BI if your job involves interpreting large amounts of data to make business decisions.  This page gives a summary of the BI courses that we offer.

SQL Server BI Tools

The Microsoft BI world includes the following software applications for SQL Server:

Software Notes
Integration Services This allows you to extract data from a number of different formats, transform it and then load it into its final resting place (such as a data warehouse).  We currently run one two-day SSIS Introduction course.
Analysis Services This comes in two flavours: multi-dimensional model SSAS allows you to build cubes, and tabular model SSAS is the more modern variant.  If you're not sure which to use, read this blog on the differences between them.
Reporting Services This allows you to create reports and publish them to your corporate Intranet or to the wider Internet.  We currently run a two-day Introduction to SSRS course and also two-day advanced SSRS training.

Other BI Tools

You can also create BI applications using Excel or the standalone Power BI tools:

Software Notes
Excel Power BI Tools The main Excel Power BI tools are PowerPivot (which allows you to import data from a number of different data sources, and combine the resulting tables to create a data model and hence a pivot table), and Power Query (which is like a mini SSIS, allowing you to extract, transform and load data within Excel).  Our two-day Excel Power BI course covers these, as well as Power View and Power Map, two less useful tools for displaying information easily.
Power BI Desktop The standalone Power BI Desktop package allows you to create beautiful dashboards by importing data from a variety of data sources and then visualising it on screen.  Our two day Power BI Desktop course also covers Power BI web services.

If you're not sure which of the above two courses to choose, read our blog on the differences between our Excel Power BI and Power BI Desktop courses.

If you're still not sure which is the right course for you, give us a ring or send us a quick enquiry!

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