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Although we can create forms-based systems, our preferred medium - by far - is ASP.NET.  Websites may take longer to create, but they give the following advantages:

Advantage Notes
Deployment Want to update a website?  Just copy the new files onto the central server, and the job's done!
Accessibility A website is available anywhere where your staff have an Internet connection (which these days means just about everywhere).

Yes, it takes longer - much longer - to build a website than a forms-based system, but we'd say it's still often the best solution.

Types of ASP.NET website

There are two main types of ASP.NET website that you can create:

Type of website Notes
ASP.NET webforms Sometimes called classic ASP.NET, this is simple to understand - each page is a file with an .aspx extension.
ASP.NET MVC A more complicated model (the MVC stands for Model View Controller) in which a router calls a controller, which decides which view to return to the client.  We did say it was more complicated!

You can see more thoughts on the differences between the two systems here, and an attempt to get over what's involved in creating an MVC website here.

This website was built using ASP.NET MVC throughout.

If you'd like to discuss your plans with us - with absolutely no obligation, and a guarantee on our part that we won't pester you if you decide not to proceed - send us your idea, and we'll tell you if it will float!

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